May 28

Challenges that hinder your website conversions

The foremost role and liability of any website is its capability to increase customers for your business and to make your cash counter ringing. But, if it is unable to perform any of these functions, your website is not doing any good to your business at all. In changing business environment, numerous e- commerce websites have cropped up and are trying to influence customers in their best possible way. But, not everyone is getting enthusiastic results, so here comes an important question that what it is that others have grabbed while others are lacking it. The mystery unfolds here and we bring to you few of the factors that are responsible for low conversion.


Security and privacy of online transactions - Every customer who makes any purchase on a e- commerce site has certain reservations about sharing his personal and account credentials as they are not completely sure if their information is secure and confidential or not. To ensure this, always use payment gateways that use secure socket layer (SSL) for online transactions. Further, to strengthen data integrity, confidentiality and authenticity, digital signatures and encryption techniques should be used for transmitting crucial information through web. Online Payment companies like Pay Pal,, and such others are trusted worldwide for their secure and safe online transactions.

Proper emphasis on customer expectations - Always remember that customers will only contribute to your sales revenue if your website has something extraordinary to offer. So, ensure that everything from site navigation to featured products, shopping experience, payment process, shipping facility and promotional offers are definitely best in their respective categories.

Don’t treat your customers as for granted and always be ready to walk an extra mile for their ultimate user experience and satisfaction. This can be easily done by timely optimization and maintenance of your website.


Technical assistance - Showing commitment towards your customers can take your business way forward in the long run. Make your customers feel valued by providing them help and assistance through live chats, social networking platforms, email and other such medium. It make customers loyal to your company and enhances the overall credibility of your organization.

Moreover, it gives them assurance that their grievances and issues would be effectively handled by your e- commerce company. It helps in maintaining the good will of the organization and ensures effective rapport building with your customer.

E- commerce conversion optimization

Simple order and checkout process - It becomes extremely annoying for any customer if he/she can’t place his/her order on your site conveniently. The entire process from making order for a product till the checkout after making the final payment should be a cakewalk. There should be step- by- step walk throughs, links and help for every step during the whole purchasing process. This will surely affect your conversion and will add new customers to your existing list.


Marketing strategies - Marketing forms the backbone of every business organization in the long run and decides its future. You need to market your company in such a way that influences the purchasing behavior of your customers. Introduce encouraging schemes in the form of “combo offers”, “best buy option”, “mega sale” or “offer of the day” to persuade customers for making purchase on your website. Further, effective site optimization, faster loading time and site personalization will help you further in this regard.

So, grasp these important points in your day- to- day business process and experience the exciting results yourself. These small tips will certainly give much needed boost to your e- commerce company and will place your organization miles ahead from your business rivals.