Jul 6

Checkpoints to Consider While Going for A/B Testing Tool

How to select the best free A/B testing tool for your site | Mockingfish

Too many options often lead to confusion and make the decision making process really a tough task to handle. In this scenario, it is not easy to decide which is actually best for you. E-Commerce business is a world of uncertainty in terms of sales and customer engagement. You can never predict which product or services can click with your customer and which other can be given a “thumbs down” by them. Due to this widespread mood swings of customers and changing market dynamics, it certainly requires the support of a productive A/B testing tool for the higher growth of your business.

In addition to a feature loaded A/B testing tool, how will you react if you can avail the brilliant web testing services for free of cost. It will be an amazing experience for you and it is actually possible. You can try out any of the free A/B testing tool that are available in the market but not everyone can be great as you may have thought about it. Let us take a look at some of the things that need to be considered while selecting the best free A/B testing software for your business.

You need to check the user friendliness of the tool- A great A/B testing tool is known by the level of user friendliness it can offer to its targeted customers. You don’t want your clients to scratch their head while trying to understand the functionality of your web testing tool. You need to grab a tool that is built for the common masses rather than an advanced tool that requires some specific skills for its implementation.

It should be easy to install and configure without any problem- One of the USP of this MockingFish free A/B testing tool is that it can be effortlessly installed and configured without any external help. You can manage these critical tasks all by yourself with the help of few clicks that can set the perfect stage to use this tool for your business. All you need to do is follow the simple steps that can guide you in the right direction.

The tool should not compromise with the performance at all- Being available as a free A/B testing tool, does not mean your customers can embrace the performance wise issues without any problem. It is important to focus on providing appropriate testing services even if you are not charging a single penny from your customers. Your web testing tool should not have technical glitches during its working to offer a smooth performance to your customers. The tool should have high acceptable level of reliability in terms of A/B testing results to avoid the wastage of your efforts and money.

It should offer compatibility towards multiple devices and platforms- There are multiple devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets that are used for online browsing. You need to make your site accessible to all of these devices and platforms to improve your customer reach and sales. This can be possible only if your free A/B testing tool can offer A/B testing services irrespective of the device and screen size used by your customers.

By taking into account all the factors that are mentioned below, you can get matchless performance from your free A/B testing tool. These criterion can help you grab the best A/B testing tool for your business to make initial business lead among your rivals. It is definitely time to make a little introspection so you can end up with the right testing tool and can improve the performance of your site.