May 6

Click Heat Map- A journey from Click Activity to Conversions

Click Heat map- A journey from click activity to Conversions | Mockingfish

Grab your visitor’s click activity and browsing behavior with the help of this click heat map tool.

It is the need of the hour to keep a close eye on your site visitors for analyzing their site activity for better customer engagement and conversions. With the stiff business competition and constant rising consumer expectations, monitoring of the visitor behavior has become more important than before. This has definitely become one of the most critical task for online business entities whether you believe it or not. However, the introduction of heat map tools has simplified the above task to a great extent and has made the monitoring and analysis activity a painless experience. Mocking Fish is one such heat map tool that can perform commendable task in the field of site monitoring and customer analysis. It can provide clear insight about how your visitor interacts with your site in order tom improve your customer engagement, website design and conversion rates. Let us explain you briefly about the worth and importance of this Mocking Fish click heat map.

A beginning for high conversions and sales with this click heat map

The user activity and mouse clicks tell a lot about how he/she interacts with your site and can help you in improving your sales, customer attention and conversions. With this click heat map of Mocking Fish, you can now target those areas of your site that are grabbing maximum number of clicks, hovers or mouse movement. Now, you can track each and every mouse click activity made by your visitors on your site for better site usability and conversions. The tool helps in deciding site owners whether their targeted customers are making clicks on the right areas or not. There are chances that they may be clicking on inactive links, images, white dead spaces or even other areas of less importance instead of clicking on the right areas.

This click heat map represents the mouse click activity of visitors through a combination of multiple colors like orange or bright red for areas with higher mouse clicks and blue or purple color for areas with lesser mouse clicks. Apart from this, some of the areas where this heat map tool can prove to be much handy is discussed below.

– It helps in effective redesigning of your site by informing store owners about areas that are getting maximum customer engagement and areas that are completely left ignored by your site visitors.

– It optimizes the usability of your site elements such as CTA buttons, links, images and other such components by placing them at the areas of highest customer engagement on your site.

– It helps in bringing more customer attention and conversions for your business entity by directing the attention of your site visitors towards important and right areas of your website.

– Besides this, you can get detailed information about the hover behavior of your user like areas of their hovering activity, time of their hovering activity and much more for optimum conversion rates.

Don’t keep complaining about the low sales and customer traffic on your site but start acting seriously on this matter by availing the wonderful services of our click heat map tool. With the right guidance of its analytical data, your business entity will be able to achieve the desired business results without any hassle.