May 27

Click Heat Map Tool for a seamless website redesign

Click heat map tool for a seamless website redesign | Mockingfish

Track your mouse click activity with the help of this Mocking Fish click heat map tool.

A website which is not engaging and visually appealing is good for nothing as it is unable to fulfill the desired business goals. Any online visitor who comes to your site decides to spend a considerable amount of time if the website is compelling in terms of design, user experience and navigation. There are instances when visitors have abandoned a site due to its non appealing design and layout. It is a simple fact that if it is unappealing for your eyes, it would not be able to excite your mind either. Website design has become one of the paramount force that has been able to engage more customers for higher chances of conversions and sales.

If you are disappointed with your website design, you need to pay adequate attention towards various elements of your site that can affect your long term business plans of growth and expansion. There are various techniques and approaches that are undertaken to optimize the performance and design of a site but none can match the effectiveness of a reliable click heat map tool for the critical task of website redesigning. Here, we are discussing the importance of Mocking Fish click heat map tool that has a well known reputation and name in delivering an engaging website for your business. Let us take a quick look about how it can bring a drastic change in your website design for boosting higher conversions and customer engagement.

It helps in determining the engagement or interested areas of your visitors- Mocking Fish is an amazing tool that can track the mouse click movement of your visitors in a seamless manner. It can help you decide the core engagement areas of your visitors by providing a detailed click heat map report in the form of color variations such as orange and bright red for hot or most engagement areas of your site. Once, you know what is keeping your customers engaged, you can effortlessly get higher customer engagement on your particular site.

It improves the navigation around your site- There might be certain areas in your site that might be having unnecessary mouse clicks by your site visitors like an inactive link, image, heading or any other site component. By having a clear idea about mouse clicks on your site, you can decide the click areas which are obsolete or no longer in use. Thus, by eliminating these grey areas from your site, this click heat map tool from Mocking Fish can make navigation around your site a seamless task.

It helps in deciding the appropriate position for your site elements- With a clear analysis of click heat map report of Mocking Fish tool, it is practically much easier to decide the most appropriate position for your site elements. You need to place your site elements effectively on the areas of higher mouse clicks for getting maximum customer attention and conversions for your online business.

It facilitates easy website redesigning- The crucial task of website redesigning is all about making the right choice or selection of the elements on your site for making maximum impact among your customers. You need to first decide what is the ultimate purpose of your site and what are the most essential elements required by your site to fulfill that particular purpose. Don’t create a cluttered web design but organize it more effectively for grabbing higher customer engagement, conversion rates and sales. Keep the weightage of elements on your site as adequate based on the analysis of your click heat map report.

In this way, you will not have any trouble with your website design in terms of getting customer engagement, conversions and sales. With the support of our Mocking Fish click heat map tool, website redesigning has become a more entertaining task than before. So, get the services of this web analytics tool and you can be sure of a promising website for your business.