Jun 17

Come and Get this Free A/B Testing Tool for that Mind Blowing Site

Websites are increasing like swarms of bees and you could not determine when a particular website could go into a oblivion or when another site could be an instant hit among your targeted customers. It is all just a matter of mathematical theory of “hit and trial method” that can make your website a champion or a complete failure. No doubt, you don’t want to stand among the losing side but it is something which is beyond your control but you can’t stand doing nothing to change your business fortunes.

Come and get this free A/B testing tool for that mind blowing site  | Mockingfish

Try out this free A/B testing tool for getting desired conversions and sales for your website.

If you take a quick look on all those “winning sites” in this huge ocean of internet, you would observe that it is their website design and navigation that has made them infallible. It is the engaging design and the ease of movement around a site that makes it truly champion among its competitors. However, the big questions arises here, how can you achieve that engaging website design?, what are the factors that contribute towards that amazing web design?, and other such crucial questions. These questions can be different but they all have the same common answer to them which is none other than this A/B testing technique. If you want to utilize this web testing approach effectively, you need to avail the services of an effective website A/B testing tool that can accomplish this crucial task of website redesigning in a seamless manner. You could no doubt choose any of the A/B testing tools for this task but what if I suggest you the name of a free A/B testing tool that is simply outstanding among its rivals. We are talking about this Mocking Fish tool that has simply made a name for itself due to its numerous features and functionalities. Let us take a quick look at some of these characteristics which are explained below:

It is easier to interact with and does not require any special skills- Mocking Fish is built with an aim to provide excellent services and functionalities to its customers without any requirement of specialized knowledge and skills. This free A/B testing software has a simple user friendly dashboard design that makes it easier to implement A/B testing approach without any trouble. It does not require any specialized training and you can get off to a brilliant conversion rate optimization strategy.

Designed to install and configure effortlessly- The effectiveness of any tool is judged by how easily it can be implemented and configured by its users. This is where this free A/B testing tool fits the bill and has been getting rave reviews from its targeted customers. It can be installed and configured seamlessly without any hitch which makes it the first choice for various non skilled users around the world.

Comes within the easy reach of its customers- It is not necessary that a good testing tool should arrive with steep prices also. Thankfully, Mocking Fish is one of the heatmap and A/B testing tool that has been designed within the range of each and every store owner irrespective of their size and market capitalization. Its startup plan is available free of cost for a year whereas its business plan packed with extra features can be availed at the most economical price of $10 per month only.

Can be used with multiple platforms- Our free A/B testing tool is built on a fully responsive web design that makes it completely compatible to various platforms and devices. You will get same level of features and functionalities irrespective of the screen size you are using to get optimum conversion rates and customer engagement.

It is definitely the time to give this free A/B testing software a try due to its excellent features and functionalities that makes it a class apart. So, there are no any other reason left which makes you stand away from this web testing and analytics tool. Ensure rewarding results for your online business with this Mocking Fish tool and try out the free version at our site www.mockingfish.com.