Jul 25

Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for Web Designs

Conversion rate optimization best practices for an engaging web design | Mockingfish

Design of a website is the first thing that grabs the immediate attention of any site visitors without much effort. You need to understand this fact that people navigate around a site much later and it is the web design that is first noticed by them. If you can grab their attention at the first time, half of your task is already done and you will not have a hard day in increasing conversion rates for your online store. Visual appeal is still one of the element that builds the USP of a website within no time.

It is both in the business interest and the need of present hour to start focusing on improving the website design of your company. A killer website design can be a great boost to the conversion rate optimization efforts and can set the cash counters ringing for your online business. For achieving an engaging web design for your business , you need to adopt these conversion rate optimization best practices at the earnest level.

Take the attention of your customers towards your CTA buttons- The sole purpose of any website is to grab the attention of its targeted customers towards the CTA buttons. They are the site elements that can persuade your customers to perform a particular action on your website. However, you need to have an appealing and clear CTA buttons for higher conversions and sales on your website. If you are not sure about how to achieve it, these conversion rate optimization best practices can be your guide. It is equally important to pay attention to the size, color and text of the CTA button for ensuring higher customer engagement and conversions. Our conversion rate optimization and A/B testing tool, MockingFish can help in implementing A/B testing on your CTA buttons for increasing their usability and performance on your website.

Make use of alternate text content and background- We want our website to be read and understood by everyone without any problem. This can be possible only with the help of alternate colors that are used for background and site text. A combination of light and dark color for the background and site text is always a good way to start. You need to avoid the use of dark colors for both background and site texts in order to facilitate better legibility and understanding. It is important to use the right colors to grab customer attention and conversions for your website without much efforts.

Introduce responsive design for your site- In this era where customers are using multiple devices and platforms, use of responsive design has become the necessity for various websites around the world. This is because responsive design makes it easier for the users to access various websites on different platforms without any loss of features and functionalities. It is the result of this responsive web design for better compatibility on multiple devices that makes a site adaptable to various screen sizes without any hurdle. The use of responsive web design has been one of the tried and tested conversion rate optimization best practices for an appealing website design.

Don’t forget about the font style and size of your site content- A big question arises in terms of font that- How can font style and size impact the conversion rates of a site? A site would be considered successful only if it can be effortlessly read and understood by your targeted customers without any problem. Don’t fall into the trap of artistic font styles and types that makes it difficult for user to read and understand properly. Apart from this, you need to use a font size on your content that increases the reach and accessibility of your site among its targeted customers. Remember that font type and size can improve your conversions and sales to a great extent, so get involved with them accordingly.

It is the high time that you need to make your website much more appealing for your site visitors for grabbing maximum business leads. If you can’t make your website a visually enthralling experience, it will be a tough battle for you to increase your share of conversion rates and sales among your competitors. Don’t under- estimate these conversion rate optimization best practices to emerge victorious in your particular business segment. So, start paying attention to them now to avoid severe business consequences later on.