Jun 27

Decoding the Multi- Variate Testing in a Brief

Decoding the multi- variate testing in a brief  | Mockingfish

Multi- variate testing is suitable for understanding the best possible combinations of elements for your site.

Improvements and innovations are the part of every business strategy in order to derive optimum results in the long run. If you are into the online business, it becomes imperative to utilize various web testing tools for improving your worth among business rivals. However, you need to be aware about the various web testing approaches that can be the right choice for your online business entity. Implementing just any testing would be of no good and would only cause wastage of time, money and efforts.

No doubt, people involved in the online business would be by now aware about this A/B testing which is one of the constituent of the web testing approach but mystery is still wrapped around another form of web testing. Yeah, we are actually talking about the lesser known web testing approach which is known as multi- variate testing. There are quite high chances that people in the online business may not be familiar with this web testing at all. There could be numerous questions that could crop up in their head regarding this web testing approach. Some of the obvious questions in this area are discussed below:

What is multi- variate testing?

By having a limited knowledge about this lesser known web testing approach, the one question is still lingering in the minds of numerous people. This prominent question is “What is multi- variate testing?” and it has still been unanswered by various web marketers around the world. Let us give you a brief insight about the same.

This web testing approach involves making modifications in various elements of the site for improving the performance of your key performance metrics like site traffic, product sales, more sign ups, customer engagement and other such areas. It is different from A/B testing in a way that here various combinations of a particular site element is tested for getting the most effective combination in terms of conversion rates. Multi- variate testing is all about involving various site combinations of an element that can help in boosting the overall growth and conversions of your site. There are variations of a particular site element and not of the entire web page as in the case of A/B testing and thus there is no new creation of a web page.

What are the points to be considered while implementing multi- variate testing?

Multi- variate testing approach is not any “hit and trial” method and it can’t be implemented randomly at all. If you want to make the most of this web testing approach, you need to be aware of the various guidelines before its implementation.

– Don’t implement it on a site with low traffic. This is because multi- variate testing involves a number of site variations which are tested simultaneously which arises the need to divide traffic equally between all of those variations which are to be tested. So, you need to have a high traffic on your site for the implementation of multi- variate testing.

– You need to go for multi- variate testing if you are too sure about the success of your hypothesis as it will save you from losing your time, money and efforts. They are mostly implemented when you want to know the best possible variation of a site element for getting maximum conversions and sales for your site.

– Multi- variate testing requires a significant level of statistical significance or confidence level in order to avoid the harmful effects of implementing this crucial testing approach in a haste. Wait for at least a confidence level of 95% or more

You need to understand this unexplored web testing approach known as multi- variate testing if you want to make the maximum impact in terms of customer engagement, conversion rates and site traffic. Once, you are aware about this web testing methodology, it will be easier for your site to emerge victorious among your business rivals.