Oct 27

Decoding The Tips That Determine The Validity Of Your A/B Test

Validity of A/B testing resultS | Mockingfish

Analyze whether your testing results are effectively performing or not

The success in any event is a matter of hit and miss approach which means that sometimes you are bound to succeed whereas at other times your efforts may go in vain. Same is the case with A/B testing. There are no sure shot method to achieve success every time but by taking various precautionary steps, business organizations can at least increase their chances of achieving success while performing A/B test. Many business organizations are unknowingly making various A/B testing mistakes which are affecting the credibility and performance of their testing results. Here are the steps that needs to be implemented by your organization so as to secure your business future.

Don’t avoid A/A test before implementing an A/B test- Most often, business organizations are in a hurry to implement split testing and neglect the reliability of their tool which can affect the credibility of their testing results. This can be a grave situation for any organization and can lead to the wastage of time, money and efforts. So, you need to perform an A/A test so as to determine the reliability of your testing tool by understanding the minimum permissible error which can be accommodated in your testing results. If the error is too large to be ignored, you need to look out for an effective A/B testing tool like Mocking Fish that has a high reliability factor and can provide you desired results.

  • Tip- Reliability is as important as the selection of tool. So, don’t forget to perform A/A test before A/B test.

Wait for the completion of your test duration- Don’t jump into conclusions just because of some initial positive response in your conversion rates but remain patient to run your entire test duration. There may be chances that the initial increase in your conversion rates may be due to some external factors and the same response may not appear in your subsequent test results which may pose question over the legitimacy of your test hypothesis. Further, it will provide you crucial answer about how your conversion rates are going to change with the passage of time so as to prove their relevance in the long business run.

  • Tip- A wait is sometimes of a huge worth when it comes to A/B testing. So, run your test for the entire duration.

Perform experiment on the pre- determined sample size of visitors- If you want your test to be more significant and reliable, you need to perform A/B testing on the complete sample data selected for the A/B test experiment. Choose appropriate number of people for your test so that you can achieve the desired statistical significance through your visitors. Involve a testing group that is large enough to run through your entire test duration so that you can easily analyze the way where your split test results are shaping up.

  • Tip- Make sure you are using a healthy sample size of visitors that can sustain through your entire A/B test duration.

Implement A/B testing results only after you have achieved the significant confidence level- If you are thinking about implementing your split testing results without achieving a proper statistical significance, you need to reconsider your decision again as it can be your biggest mistakes that can cost your business organization heavily in terms of conversion rates, sales revenue, product sales and site traffic. A statistical significance or confidence level of 95% or higher is considered as the most suitable for implementing the A/B testing results and eliminates any chances of failure of test results. Half baked results can only handle you disappointment in terms of long term business growth plans and opportunities.

  • Tip- Implement your A/B test results only if your confidence level is at 95% or higher. It will save your time, money and efforts.

By taking into account these tips, business organizations can effortlessly ensure validity and relevance of their A/B test results. This close introspection of split testing procedure will further help in fulfilling the business aspirations of various organizations in terms of conversion rates and product sales. So, follow these action points religiously and you will not suffer a severe blow in terms of time, money and efforts.