May 17

Discover How Home Page Can Affect Your Conversion Rates Optimization

Just as your door is the entrance to your home, similarly a home page is the pathway to your website. Since your customers get an insight about your services through it, so it should offer them unique and extraordinary experience for increasing your sales. But, mostly this is not the case with the numerous websites and the site visitors often leave these sites in a short span of time without making any contibution in their sales revenue. However, this whole scenario can be easily changed by following these valuable tips for improving your home page as well as your conversion rate.

Site loading time - Excessive loading time of a website leads frustration among visitors and they immediately switch over to other websites that load relatively much faster. Faster loading time of pages allow customers to navigate a site effectively and provides them ample time to look around for your products and make a purchasing decision. This particular area has been dealt effectively by the sites like Amazon and their sales has surged higher. The services like Yahoo Developer Network can effortlessly help in this direction and can improve the loading time of your web pages by website optimization.

Careful and selective usage of images and related videos - Always incorporate images and other such elements judiciously into your website as they tend to increase the site loading time. Refrain from using stock images as they not only turn your visitors away from your site but also makes it much slower. Same is the case with videos which requires buffering while playing and test patience of your customers that have a strict work schedule. It should beĀ  noted that while making your website rich in content and graphics, you are actually not compromising with the loading time of your home page. This feature rich website will be only effective if your users don’t have to wait for a considerable amount of time for its complete loading.

Building up of brand reputation through social media and testimonials - By including social media proofs, customer reviews, ratings and testimonials, you can easily enhance your brand appeal among your customers for increasing your conversion rate. Further, real life stories, customer’s preference and liking do have a huge impact on the mindset of the people and can influence them to purchase your products. Your site visitors will feel more connected to the unbiased views and testimonials of your original customers rather than the statement of your paid model or celebrity. Also, it does not require much space in the real estate of your home page and develops your brand authenticity and reputation among your customers.

So, incorporate these minor changes in your home page through website optimization and you can easily come out in flying colors. This is certainly your chance to write your own success story by implementing these steps.