Aug 10

Dos and Don’ts of Split Testing for a Promising Online Business

Dos and Don'ts of split testing for a promising online business | Mockingfish

It is rightly said that “Look before you leap” in order to avoid the severe consequences that come due to careless introspection. Particularly, in case of online business, even a minor step can prove to be costly in terms of conversions and product sales. Considering all this scenario, it is important to implement the decisions in the right manner for making the maximum business output.

Don’t scratch your head anymore as we are breaking the suspense about it. We are actually talking about split testing or A/B testing which is gaining ground rapidly in the online business environment. Before guiding you about the dos and don’ts of the split testing, it is time to make people aware about this web testing technique in a brief.

What is split testing?

Split testing is the web testing technique that can help in getting more conversions and sales for your store. This process helps in deciding the winner web page for your online store based on the conversion rates achieved by the individual web page. This A/B testing is responsible for getting desired traffic and conversions on your website in order to stay competitive among rivals. The two pages that are tested against each other are original or control web page and variation or treatment web page.

The web page with no changes are known as original or control web page whereas the web page on which the changes are made is known as the treatment or the variation page.

Dos and Don’ts of split testing

In order to achieve the successful implementation of A/B testing, you need to follow the certain guidelines that can help in achieving the desired business results for your online store. Here are some dos and don’ts of this split testing process for your online store.

– Don’t implement your A/B testing without a proper background research about your website. You need to first make the proper hypothesis about the changes that you intend to make on your website and then start with the implementation process.

– Implement your A/B testing on those site elements that can have a maximum impact on the conversion rates of your site. Don’t just test anything in the name of split testing in order to achieve maximum conversions and sales on your site.

– Understanding just what is split testing will do no good for your online business till you are not aware about the time, you need to test a particular site element. You are in a competitive online business and you can’t wait for your split testing results to complete after few years for getting desired conversion rates. Choose a feasible time period for your A/B testing experiments that can be achieved without sacrificing your business interests in the long run.

– Implement your A/B testing only when you have achieved the threshold statistical significance for your website. The minimum threshold confidence level for implementing A/B testing is taken as 95% and any testing results beyond it will prove to be unrealistic for your online business.

– Don’t test multiple things at a time, it is important to follow the basics of split testing to make maximum impact among your business rivals. It is better to follow A/B testing with one element at a time than going for multi- variate testing without having the proper knowledge.

Once, you know what needs to be done or not by your online business while implementing A/B testing, there are less chances of failure of A/B testing results. So, make the best move in your business segment with the help of basic split testing guidelines. For more information in this regard, you need to visit the website at