Aug 20

Drive Your Business Growth With The Expertise Of Split Testing

Although, business organizations have suddenly diverted their attention towards the area of A/B testing but it is not something that has emerged overnight. This practice has become quite popular among various e- commerce organizations and the success of e- commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart and such others have shown that it has tremendous business potential if its expertise are used to the maximum advantage. Split testing allow companies to implement changes in their website design by minimising the extent of revenue loss that could result if the proposed changes are not embraced happily by the people. Here are the few important areas where organizations can avail the expertise of A/B testing to make the maximum impact among their targeted customers.

  • Perform split testing on Facebook ads- The social media powerhouse with more than a billion of worldwide users is the most widely used platform by business organizations to advertise and promote their products among their targeted customers. This platform has endless revenue generation potential for various business organizations and provides a huge global customer base irrespective of the ethnicity, geographical locations, linguistic barriers and other such differences. To grab the maximum revenue and customer attention through Facebook ads, business organizations need to use the various website A/B testing tools like Unbounce, Mocking Fish, Optimizely and such others to make targeted customers more inclined to your e- commerce store.
  • Perform split testing on landing page headlines- Headlines are the major eye balls grabber for the various online visitors that visit your e- commerce site frequently. They need to be interesting, informative and relevant to the content they are referring to so as to keep customers engaged to your business organization. In order to increase the appeal of your headlines, you need to perform A/B testing on your headlines so as to analyze the conversional potential of your headlines. Don’t under- estimate the far reaching business potential of these short, informative and interesting headlines that compel visitors to explore your e- commerce website more for making any product purchase through your store.
  • Perform testing on email subject lines- Inspite of the ever increasing popularity of the various social media sites, emails are still one of the most widely used mediums of business communication around the world. They are increasingly used by various organizations to inform and advertise their products and services among their potential customers. With a captivating email subject lines, you can easily convey your message among your targeted customers and can boost your chances of business growth. Further, e- commerce organizations can take the expertise of various A/B testing tools like Optimizely, Mocking Fish, AB Tasty and such others so as to create powerful email subject lines that can enhance their business position among its potential customers.

By exploring and working dedicatedly on these few areas, business organizations can easily be a champion in their e- commerce business segment by increasing their product sales and conversion rates. With a significant improvement in these key areas, it becomes easier for the numerous business organizations to make outstanding success among other business rivals.