Aug 21

Easy Tips For An Inspiring Home Page

Home page is one of the first element that grabs the attention of any site visitors and thus it needs to be appealing so as to capture the interest of your targeted customers. Your home page is the pathway to your business organization and provides valuable insight about your company, its expertise, business goals, achievements and other such crucial information. Without grabbing the instant attention of the site visitors, it is difficult to improve your conversion rates and sales revenue. An appealing home page is the key to success of a business organization and has the potential to change its business fortunes drastically. Here are the few tips that can help in increasing the appeal and acceptance of your home page among your targeted customers.

  • Avoid using sliders and image carousels- There are numerous websites that are having image sliders and carousels on their home page without analyzing their effect on the site traffic and conversion rates. Although, these image sliders are included to provide a unique insight about the advertised products but most of the time, they tend to divert the attention of the site visitors when they are performing some important tasks on your site or are engaged on other elements of your site. Further, numerous website heat map tools studies have shown that most of the customers feel irritated by the continuous automatic movement of the image sliders at a predefined time interval. Due to this unnecessary interference, customers leave the site in the middle and thus increases the bounce rate on your e- commerce store.
  • Pay attention to a single site goal- Focusing on too many goals at a time can be devastating for your organization as you can’t make effective strategy to achieve your desired outcomes. You need to pay attention to a single goal that needs to be achieved by your business organization like website traffic, conversion rates, product sales, account registration or any other business targets. Working on a single goal at a time will help you achieve desired outcomes easily and will provide right direction to your business efforts.
  • Work towards removing the customers problematic areas- Delivering a strong brand story about your business organization is a good practice but it can only provide desired results if your website user experience is brilliant. Your brand story can only convey a strong message if the areas of your website that are hindering your conversion rates are effectively handled by your expert team of designers, web developers, content writers, marketers and other such professionals. Further, business organization can take the help of various heat map tools like Click Tale, Mocking Fish, Lucky Orange and such others to know the various areas of the website that are consuming most of customer’s attention and the areas that are completely ignored by your site visitors. Having a clear understanding of these grey areas, e- commerce organizations can take corrective steps in these direction to improve the online appeal and visibility of your e- commerce store.
  • Increase website sales appeal with an impressive visual experience- Visuals like image, videos, animated texts and other such have a tremendous effect on the minds of the site visitors to a great extent. Using the visual appeal of these elements, you can make your sales pitch stronger for your advertised products to improve your conversion rates. E- commerce organizations need to use 360 degree view detailed product images and informative videos to increase the effectiveness of their call- to- action (CTA) statements and to compel site visitors to make online product purchase through your e- commerce store.

So, it is time to pay focus on these quick tips that can ensure rewarding results for your home page in terms of conversion rates and product sales. If you can channelise your efforts and expertise in these areas, you can easily stand out with your e- commerce organization among your other business rivals.