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Everything you need to know about Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Everything you need to know about Ecommerce Conversion Optimization | MockingFish

If you have to sum the success criteria of an online business, it could be converged into a single term known as “Conversion rate optimization” which is an important key performance indicator (KPI). The progress of an online business, its success, failure and other such factors can be judged by the effectiveness of an eCommerce conversion optimization practices. In order to explain the huge frenzy around this KPI, you can take the help of this appropriate phrase “You can love them or hate then, but you just can’t ignore them”.

eCommerce conversion optimization refers to all those collective efforts and practices that can help in turning the visitors on an eCommerce site into actual customers. There could be a number of reasons that can determine the success of your eCommerce site among your competitors. If you are not capable to improve the conversion rates for your eCommerce site, you would face a hard day in terms of customer engagement, conversion rates and product sales. Here are some of the factors that could be affecting the conversion rates for your eCommerce sites.

Your product images are not crisp and clear- For any eCommerce store, images play a crucial role in grabbing instant customer attention and sales from targeted customers. This is because unlike bricks and mortar store, eCommerce customers can’t check a product physically by touching it in order to determine its quality, fabric, color and texture. It is therefore, important to offer a clear, crisp and detailed product images to your targeted customers to provide them a better insight about a product. E-Commerce store owners can also take the help of 360 degree detailed product images that can provide a better product view from different angles to achieve higher eCommerce conversion optimization.

Your eCommerce store is not properly arranged- Most often, visitors on an eCommerce store leave an eCommerce site when they feel that the products, categories and sub categories are not properly organized. You need to offer a better site navigation to ensure easy access to your products by your targeted customers. If you want to improve the eCommerce store management, you can take the help of a feature packed A/B testing tool and heat map tool like MockingFish that can accomplish this task in a flawless manner.

Your site is not offering multiple payment and shipping methods- Absence of multiple payment and shipping methods can affect the chances of eCommerce conversion optimization for any online store. You need to determine the mindset of your site visitors regarding their preferred payment and shipping methods for grabbing maximum sales and conversions.

Your eCommerce store is not providing products at an appealing price- Price do matter a lot for online buyers and has the power to attract or distract them for a particular eCommerce store. You need to check your competitor’s site regarding their product pricing and decide your prices accordingly. Once, you know what is the price segment for a particular product on your rival site, you can reprice your own product in a more appealing manner. By offering products to customers within their pocket range, eCommerce store owners can improve their eCommerce conversion optimization efforts to a great extent.

Checkout process on your site is a conversion killer- People who opt for online shopping want a quick product purchase within the shortest possible time. This can be accomplished only if the checkout process on your eCommerce site is simplified enough. If you are having your eCommerce store on platforms like Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop, there are various checkout extensions from Knowband store like Magento One Page Checkout, PrestaShop One Page Checkout, OpenCart One Page checkout, PrestaShop checkout analytics and others that can help in this direction.
With the expertise of these checkout modules for eCommerce stores, you can improve eCommerce conversion optimization efforts, sales and conversion rates.

Once, you are having effective solution to all the above site issues related to eCommerce business, you can optimize your eCommerce conversion optimization efforts without any trouble. For more information about conversion rates and other such metrics, you need to visit our website at