May 30

Exploring A/B Testing for the success of online businesses

Exploring A/B testing for the success of online businesses | Mockingfish

Give emphasis on A/B testing experiments for getting optimum business results.

If you are involved in the field of online businesses, you might have heard about this web testing technique known as “A/B testing”. This is one of the most heard technique that is known in every other quarter of online business and is making the right noise due to its unmatched conversion optimization potential. With constant time, a hidden mystery around this web testing technique has been decoded and various misconceptions have been effectively dealt with.

However, there is still a size-able population who are ignorant about this web testing technique and its possible impact on the success of an online business. If you are one of those people who are finding answers for some of the basic questions like what is A/B testing? It is time to unravel the secrecy around this web testing approach for providing desired business output and gains. Let us begin our quick tour around this technique that has been hailed as the most promising one due to its diverse range of implications in business environment.

What is A/B testing?

In simpler terms, A/B testing can be defined as a web testing approach where two variations of a web page, site elements or any other components are tested against each other for getting a fair idea about conversion rates achieved. Based on the conversion rates achieved by this web testing approach, you can decide which is the most profitable variation for your online business. The variation page with the higher conversion rates is said to be the “winner page” and is ultimately decided for implementing the required changes in a website. Out of the two variations, the web page with no change is termed as the “control page”. Whereas, the variation page with the implied change is known as “treatment page”.

Points to remember for accomplishing A/B testing 

It is a general perception that you need to perform a specific task only if you are having a thorough knowledge about its pros and cons. Similarly, if you are involved in the field of A/B testing, you need to be completely familiar with some of the critical questions like What is A/B testing?, Why is it important for a business?, What are the checkpoints for implementing A/B testing and much more. Here, we are discussing about the various factors that can affect the performance of your A/B testing results. Do take a quick look below:

– Take the right assumptions for starting A/B testing as a wrong chosen road will lead to wrong destination only. It is important to check the authenticity and validity of your assumptions for a ensuring a great start to your web testing approach.

– Don’t get over excited during traffic distribution and keep the ratio on a 50:50 basis. It is recommended for split testing to have an even distribution for an unbiased testing results. Don’t try to experiment with your traffic distribution until you are proficient in this web testing approach.

– Wait for an appropriate confidence level or statistical significance before final implementation of testing results. The ideal threshold value of statistical significance that is good for the final implementation is 95%. Anything below it will not yield you desired results.

– A/B testing can deliver effective results if you are testing “one element at a time”. It will help you understand the effectiveness of a particular site element in providing desired conversions and sales for your site.

– While implementing A/B testing, you need not to be in a hurry for ending your testing results. You need to wait for the completion of the scheduled test duration of your split testing experiments for getting a clear insight about the mood of your targeted customers.

Keep a close look on all these factors and try to get a fair idea about A/B testing in order to avoid wastage of your money, time and efforts. The proper knowledge about this web testing approach can help in providing the desired outcomes for your online business entity. So, dive into this blog and get a clear insight about how to make the best out of your A/B testing results.