Sep 9

Exploring The World Of Mocking Fish As A Heat Map Tool

There is a popular saying which goes “Everything which is unexplored has an aura of mystery around it which ultimately results in fascination or fear for that thing”. The above statement is equally true for Mocking Fish which is a new entrant in the field of web testing and web analytics tools but it is still giving a tough fight to numerous web testing and analytics tools around the world. People are trying to find the answers about various questions like “What is so special about this tool?”, “How to use Mocking Fish heat map tools?”, “Why it is so much popular among various business organizations?” and other such queries. But, now you don’t have to scratch your head any more as the mystery is about to be unveiled. Here are the various features that makes Mocking Fish as one of the most sought after heat map tool by numerous business organizations around the world.

Effective cost when compared to its counterparts- Right from the development of the tool, the cost was taken as the primary concern because of the commitment towards a budget friendly web testing and analytics tool. When compared to the rival tools like Crazy Egg, Click Tale, Lucky Orange and such others, the business plan of the Mocking Fish is available at a nominal price of $10/month whereas the start up plan is available for free. Due to this low price, any business organizations regardless of their size and customer base can use this tool effectively. Moreover, the worldwide popularity and sales of this tool shows us how well Mocking Fish is lapped up by the people among its rivals.

Facility of lifetime account registration- With an aim to cater to a large group of customers, Mocking Fish offers free lifetime account facility to its trial users also who are using its services for free of cost. Due to this feature, people can avail the limited services offered by this tool even if they don’t have the money to avail the paid services of this heat map tool.

Highly user interactive interface- The effective use of the technology by its targeted people depends on the ease of its usage. Business organizations should always work with a global aim of “Facility for everyone with ease of simplicity and usage” and this has been the inspiration and success mantra for the development team of this Mocking Fish tool. Its user friendly interface and easy dashboard design makes it possible for even a non technical individual to perform various actions through this tool seamlessly. It is built for everyone and work on the belief of “Easy implementation for enhanced utilization”.

Increased reliability in terms of accuracy- The compromise in cost is not settled with the compromise in quality and accuracy and this is aptly followed by the development team of this heat map tool. Inspite of the low cost of this web testing and analytics tool, it is equally reliable in terms of accuracy when compared to other rival tools like Crazy Egg, Click Tale, Mouse Flow and such others. This means in working towards providing a cost effective product, its quality, performance and accuracy is not compromised at all and the results of its heat maps are simply exceptional and accurate in nature.

So, these are some of the factors which makes this tool an obsession for various e-commerce organizations who are looking for a valuable service without shelling much from their pocket. So, take free trial of this tool from our website and know yourself about why it is loved and embraced by various business organizations around the world.