Jun 10

Free A/B Testing Software to Guarantee Higher Conversions

Engage with this free A/B testing software for a high converting site.

Engage with this free A/B testing software for a high converting site.

Softwares are changing our lives in a big way and we can’t deny their effective role in our day- to- day lives. With the growing footprint of the various IT and software companies around the world, new innovative softwares are created everyday for better life styles and quality of life. Now, people are increasingly using various softwares to perform various tasks like booking a cab, ordering food from a restaurant, paying various utilities bills, download a movie, book tickets for a movie/flight/hotel and much more. These softwares have made intrusion in every corner of our lives and has affected our existence in a big way.

Businesses are also adopting new softwares and extensions that can optimize their performance among their rivals. If you have been in the field of online business, it is much difficult to keep a steady momentum of conversions rates and sales for your site. However, it might not be a painless task but it is certainly something which can be achieved by the support of a productive A/B testing tool for your business entity. If you have been not so enthusiastic about these testing tools due to their steep prices, it is time to rethink your decision with the help of this free A/B testing software, Mocking Fish which is quite popular among various store owners. Take a snapshot of the various services that are provided with this web testing tool to optimize your business fortunes.

Provides facility of handling considerable size of site visitors- Online business is all about getting required customer attention and site traffic on your website for optimizing your business chances. If your website is unable to grab the instant attention of your targeted customers, you would certainly lag behind your rivals in terms of conversion rate optimization, product sales and customer engagement. However, this problem is effectively dealt by Mocking Fish which is a free A/B testing software to secure your niche position among your rivals.

Offers advanced filtering option to get more concrete testing results- You need to refine your testing results in order to get higher eCommerce conversions and sales without any hassle. With this free A/B testing software, you can implement advanced filtering options that can transform your online business to a great extent. These filters can help in providing you more precise, to the point and narrow testing results for your online business entity.

Technical assistance and help through various mediums- It is a common business scenario where certain errors or issues could arise with this free A/B testing software that can endanger your business prospects. You can’t ignore these issues and move ahead carelessly as they can hamper the overall growth and expansion of your online business among your rivals. However, Mocking Fish ensure that its customers are not “left in the lurch” and offers reliable technical assistance for speedy issue resolution. You can get your issues resolved through phone and email support whichever suits you better.

Don’t get your business interests hampered due to the unavailability of an effective A/B testing tool with a more pocket friendly price. This is because Mocking Fish, a free A/B testing software is available without any charge but is packed with numerous features and functionalities for a promising website. Start implementing web testing on your business entity now as an unassuming high cost is now a foregone matter. So, do follow the long and rewarding legacy of testing.