Oct 16

Grab Your Visitors Attention Towards Your Website And Its Elements Through Our Attention Heat Map Tool


A website would be of no use if it can’t pull off customers towards your business organization or can’t get enough attention of your targeted customers. It would certainly be a grave situation for your future business prospects if you can’t get your visitors engaged to your business organization which could in turn affect your conversion rates and product sales. So, in order to bail out from this unwanted situation, business organizations can take expertise of our Mocking Fish attention heat map tool to bring the interest and attention of their targeted customers back to their website. Here are some of the benefits of this attention heat map tool that can take your business organization to greater heights.

It helps you determine the attention seeking ability of your website areas and elements- With the help of our Mocking Fish tool, business organizations can effortlessly analyze all those areas that are getting maximum attention from their visitors and which are not getting adequate response. Due to this, business organizations can place important elements like call- to- action buttons, web forms, images, links and other such components at the right place so as to get maximum attention from their site visitors.

Contributes in the optimization of the web pages- Based on the statistical report of the attention heat map tool, you can understand which parts of your website are getting proper attention and which parts or areas are just ignored by your visitors. In this way, business organizations can optimize their web page according to the response of their customers and can increase their user engagement.

Provides a complete picture of user’s navigation and onsite activity- Mocking Fish attention heat map provides an effective insight of the navigation and user movement on a site along with the complete horizontal and vertical scrolling facility. Further, this heat map is independent of the screen size used by the visitors and can provide you information about the web pages that are mostly viewed by the users on their respective browsers.

Can improve the web page design and weak areas of your website- This web testing tool can help in improving the design of your website by showcasing the effectiveness of each site element in grabbing the attention of your targeted customers. Also, it can locate the weak areas on your website that are lacking customer attention and interest so as to improve their usability and performance.

Makes improvement in conversion rates and reduction in shopping cart abandonments for various e- commerce organizations- By availing the services of this attention heat map, e- commerce organizations can improve their conversion rates and product sales by analyzing the effectiveness of their call- to- action (CTA) buttons in getting the maximum visitor’s attention. Further, by removing the bottlenecks from your website design and user experience, you can easily reduce abandoned shopping carts on your e- commerce store so as to improve your product sales.

With these benefits, business organizations can clearly understand the importance of our Mocking Fish attention heat map tool. If you want to know more about its features and advantages, you can take a free demo through our website, www.mockingfish.com. So, don’t  compromise with the limited attention span of your targeted customers but take a step forward and avail the services of our Mocking Fish tool to get rewarding business results and maximum customer attention.