Jul 29

Hack Tips for Selecting a Brilliant WordPress Heatmap Tool

How can you use WordPress Heatmap Tool for the Growth of Your Business | Mockingfish

WordPress site owners are often unhappy when it comes to achieving the amazing features and functionalities of a heatmap tool. They are robbed of enjoying the services of a superb web tracking and analytics tool due to the availability of limited information. Due to this, they end up with the ineffective heatmap tool for their WordPress site and that too at such a steep price. The scenario is definitely the heart breaking moment for site owners who are thinking about cost cutting mechanisms and are disappointed with the web tracking services inspite of paying a high price.

No doubt, the damage has been done and we can’t help in refunding the amount that is spent on acquiring those heatmap services. However, this blog is definitely for the people who are still hunting for a feature loaded and pocket friendly WordPress heatmap tool and could take helpful suggestions from it. Let us take a quick look at these tips that can provide you a matchless heatmap tool for your WordPress site at the most competent price.

Go for a tool that offers a detailed heatmap reports for your site- If you are determined to improve the performance of your WordPress site, you need to go for a WordPress heatmap tool like MockingFish that has loads of features at the most competent price. It will serve as your best buy option due to its remarkable features like user friendly dashboard design, low price, reliable test results, multi device and platform compatibility, simple installation and other such functionalities. This MockingFish tool will provide you various types of heatmaps for WordPress site like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, insight heatmap, attention heatmap and other such features.

Select a heatmap tool that can offer services across wide range of devices- Online businesses are spread across a wide range of devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets for grabbing maximum conversions and sales on their site. Understanding this current business scenario, it is time to select the right heatmap tool for your online business that can work across multiple devices and platforms with great ease. MockingFish is one such WordPress heatmap tool that can be utilized on a number of devices and screen sizes without any technical glitches.

Grab a tracking tool that can be installed without any assistance- We know that every online business owner is not so tech savvy that he/she can perform the installation and configuration activities all alone. It is therefore important to look out for a heatmap tool that can be easily installed and configured without any hassle. MockingFish is one such option that do not require any technical assistance for installation and configuration activities. However, if you still encounter any problem during the installation and configuration of this MockingFish tool, you can take the assistance of our help center at this link.

Once, you are well aware about these quick tips, you don’t have to pay a big price for availing the services of a heatmap tool. These important tips will save a lot of time that is spent on hunting down an affordable heatmap tool for an online business. If you want to avail the free WordPress heatmap tool for one year to get a better idea about the features and functionalities of this MockingFish tool, you need to visit the site at www.mockingfish.com.