Jul 27

Heat Mapping Tools for Business Growth and Conversions

Heat mapping tools for business growth and conversions | Mockingfish

For making the most in your particular business segment, it is important to adopt the right approaches and mechanisms for the same. Some things have the capability to grab the instant attention in a business scenario and heatmaps are one among them. They have become the basic guiding tool that can help in improving the conversion rate optimization efforts for numerous online businesses.

Although, there are plenty of advantages for utilizing the services of a heatmap tool but it is important to use the right heat mapping tools for your website. You are aware that “All roads does not lead to Rome”, so every heatmap tool may not provide you the desired business results. Let us discuss the three important heatmap tools from our MockingFish heatmap tool that can transform your online business to a great extent.

Click heatmap tool- You need to be aware about the click movement of visitors on your site to understand their click pattern and behavior. Site owners need to have a tracking tool that can record the mouse click movements of visitors for informing about their engagement or ignored areas on your site. This click heatmap reports provide crucial data about mouse clicks made by visitors on your site. In this way, click heatmap can facilitate effective redesigning of your website for grabbing maximum conversions and sales. It will also help in understanding the click patterns of visitors on your site.

Scroll heatmap tool- It is a common thing that site visitor scroll down a website till a particular level only and are not interested in exploring a site further. If you are eager to make the effective utilization of site real estate, you need to take the help of scroll heatmap reports. It will help in tracking the scroll behavior of visitors for effective placement of site elements like CTA buttons, images, links, headings, banner ads and other site components. With this MockingFish scroll heatmap, it will be easier for you to improve the usability and performance of your site.

Attention heatmap tool- If you want a proper understanding about the areas of your site that grabs maximum customer attention, you need to go for this attention heatmap tool. With this heatmap, you can make quick changes in your website for grabbing higher customer engagement and attention. The attention heatmap reports are useful in web page optimization consisting of rich quality content. It also provides detailed information about the navigation activity of visitors on a web page with the help of horizontal and vertical scrolling. Besides, it will also help in improving the engagement areas and shopping cart abandonments on your site.

It is the right time to take the help of these heatmaps for making a strong impact in your particular business segment. You need to implement the suggestions of these heat mapping tools for a complete makeover of your website. The heatmap reports of these tools can help you grab your share of conversions, customer engagement and sales among your competitors.