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Heatmap- How it helps in enhancing customer navigation?

Heatmap- How it helps in enhancing customer navigation

Heatmap emerged out as an effective tool in your CRO armory. The tool has bought some serious results on the conversion front of the websites. From business giants to start-ups, all have utilized this tool at least once in their operation time. The effect it has on the usability of your website is what we will discuss here. The easier the navigation will be on your website, the higher would be its usability ratings and ultimately higher would be its converting potential. The various variants of heatmap tools like click heatmap tool, scroll heatmap tool, eye-tracking heatmap tool, envelop heatmap, etc., provides you with an holistic view of the behavioral pattern of the visitors on your website.

How it boosts navigation

How it boosts navigation?

Call to action buttons (CTAs) are often the most important element on your web pages. They act as conversion puller. A heatmap tool will help you to analyze that whether or not the visitors are able to locate these with ease. The output of the heatmap tracking will show you the most active areas on the web page in dark colors while those who are less active would be seen in the lighter colors. In case your CTAs are in the lighter shade, then it’s time you should work on them.

Locate humps in smoother navigation

The first step towards solving a problem is to identify its causes. This is exactly what you need to do in case you find the navigability on your website not so satisfying. A heatmap tool will help you locate those irritants in your path. For example, it will highlight those elements which are positioned in proximity of your CTAs and are actually acting as a distraction for the customers. You can then make some adjustment with placement so as to see clicks on what that really matters.

Not just the CTA buttons optimization, a heatmap tool will help you in optimizing the navigation across the whole site. From landing page optimization till checkout page optimization, all can be performed well in the company of an effective heatmap tool. Thus, optimizing the website navigation from beginning till end.

Identify what works

It helps you to locate those sweet spots on your web page from where you can drive some conversions. You can easily analyze that whether a textual description or a visual banner or an image is more useful in enchaining the navigation. This will help you to make some merit based replacement on your web page. You can utilize this information to make some informed decisions that will make sure that you do the further optimizations without downgrading the current optimization.

What does the visitor want?

To make your site user navigation friendly, you should clearly understand what the visitors want to see. You can highlight those visitor’s favorite elements on your web page and can ultimately use them as a guide towards your conversion driving elements. The website blogs, recommended products, people also purchased this, etc. There are several customer guiding customization that can be done efficiently if you know the areas with merit on your web-pages. Thus it will help in placing the perfect element at perfect position so that it gets the perfect attention from the customers.

Final say

The above-mentioned points might have given you an idea about how effective a heatmap can be when it comes to enhancing the navigability of your website. You can utilize tools like MockingFish to take on this mapping experience.


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