Aug 29

Holiday Sales Event Glitches? 6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Holiday Sales Event Glitches

“The best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the trust, respect and awareness of those who might buy.” ~ Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz

The busiest and the most wonderful time of the year for all the eCommerce store owners is just around the corner. Even though there are still few months left for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday to arrive, gearing up for the big days is recommended as early as possible. Just focusing on the acquisition factor and clearing out your old inventory can convert the best time of the year into a nightmare for your business. Hence, even in the busy season, the focus should be on customer satisfaction. Right from the initial pitches to the final checkout, the entire process has to be compelling and smooth. Discounts and offers is an intriguing factor for the customer, but it’s not enough as the options are unlimited.

For all the online retailers out there, we have compiled some of the common mistakes of the eCommerce store owners. Arm yourself with these smart fixes and nail a prosperous holiday sales, this year.

Not dedicating a landing page for the items on sale

Mistake #1 – Not dedicating a landing page for the items on sale.

The entire game of holiday sale season is all about conversion. While the first concern of online store owners is to engage the customers, the ultimate goal is to convert them into the lead. While the banners, email marketing campaigns, and ads are enough to grab the attention of the customers, you need to land them at the perfect destination. The landing page can support your message and provide a seamless experience right from the engagement to the checkout page. Now that every eCommerce store is gearing up for the upcoming events, it is high time that you at least design a layout for the landing page. The good news is you don’t even need to have technical skills for creating web pages. There are modules available that do the work at button clicks. One such addon for Prestashop store is Prestashop Page Maker addon that can help you create new pages like CMS platforms as per your need.

Cms platmorm as per client need

Mistake #2 – Updating the website in the eleventh hour

Having discussed the importance of a landing page, it is essential to keep your website updated accordingly. The first and the foremost mistake of the online store owners is to get the website ready in the eleventh hour. Many of the eCommerce giants have faced the repercussion of the same. So, pull up your socks and start preparing now. Now that you still have time, you can do some analysis of the problems that occurred last year. Go for website heatmap analysis. Take a note of the portions of the page that gets more attention from the users. Plan a layout accordingly for banner ads, Call-to-action buttons, and others. Remove the items such as too many social media widget that act as distractions.

Mistake #3 – Underestimating the power of Social Media platform

While the newspaper and TV ads is a strong promotional medium, nothing can surpass the effect of a strong social media campaign. Instead of waiting for the November to arrive, start creating the buzz right away. The best part of this promotional tactics is that it requires no budgets at all. A Tweet and a Facebook post will barely take any time, but will definitely trigger the interest of the shoppers. Getting confused with the promotion and marketing is another mistake that you need to get rid off. Plan out a marketing campaign for sale season and have a backup for your plans. In case, a strategy doesn’t take off efficiently, you can make necessary changes in the right time. Moreover, set a budget that you’ll spend on the marketing. Check the average sale of last few years and then analyze the ROI of your marketing strategy. Fix the budget accordingly.

Unclear return refund policies

Mistake #4 – Unclear return/refund policies

The unclear refund and return policy of a site is the biggest turn off for the shoppers. Thus, you need to build the trust and the confidence of the shoppers right from the beginning. If the consumers are not satisfied now they won’t browse your site when the chances of getting the wrong stuff are higher. So, make the return and refund policies of your site clear from now on. The Prestashop Return Manager plugin is one such addon that can manage the return/refund request of the visitors for a smooth shopping experience.

Mistake #5 – Lack of curation

The online shoppers have the pressure of finding the ideal product at best price and within a limited time. So, the chances of getting distracted are huge. Ease the pressure of the visitors and you’ll actually observe a boost in the conversions. If you have sorted the first point of the article, half the job is done. Still, the products cluttered at various category pages will only annoy the users. The way to compel the shoppers to go to the checkout page is to provide them the everything they need at one single place. Curate the products and create pages for ‘Holiday Wish List’, ‘Trending items for the Holidays’ and things of this sort can really help. Reduce the decisions your shoppers have to make and help them shop effectively.

Mistake #6 – Be ready for traffic jam

The aim is to acquire new customers while still retaining the existing customer base. Converting the extra prospect brings in another big challenge. The up next issue of the traffic jam, crashed sites and high loading time leads to increase in abandonment rates. Instead of assuming that your server will handle it, work with your IT department. Make your site responsive and don’t rely on the fact that people shopping on their smart phones will use the apps. Optimize the checkout procedure, reduce the load time and start testing the amount of traffic your site can handle in one go. Create backup plans for nausea that may follow even after so many precautions.


Reducing the shopping anxiety and hassles of the holiday season is the key to boost the conversion rates. Chalk out an effective conversion rate optimization strategy and prepare your team as well as the site for the pre and post holiday sale event glitches.


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