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How A/B testing can enhance the performance of your landing page?

How ab Testing Can Enhance The Performance Of Your Landing Page 

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is an effective tool which can be used to enhance the performance of your web page, so that you can achieve the desired result and optimize your conversion rates.

In A/B Testing, two versions of the same web page are compared with each other. The one with original content is called Control Page, while the other with variation is termed as Variation Page. At the end of the testing whichever page is seen providing the desired result is termed as Winner page, and this winner page can then replace the control page.

What is A/B Testing | MockingFIsh

Why to go the A/B way?

Each web page on the Internet has some specific purpose and a target audience, for example, e-commerce sites want more purchases to be made from their website, a brand awareness website should want more likes, subscription and share for their website. Thus, each website wants to convert its visitors in to their potential audience. To do this Measuring the performance of conversion rate is an effective strategy. Here A/B testing comes in handy to measure the performance of the variations which would help you to analyze how to convert visitors into final customers.

What Can You Test?

You can test variety of things through A/B Testing that can effect your visitors behavior such as :

  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Call to Action Text
  • Headlines
  • Sub headlines
  • Images
  • Text
  • Social Proof
  • Media Mentions
  • Testimonials

In advance tests, you can opt for testing price structure, sales promotion, delivery methods and many other things as per your choice.

A/B Testing and SEO

Google in its blog titled “Website Testing and Google Search” clarified about the various implications of website testing on SEO. Some important points from the blog shall be kept in mind while going for A/B testing .

1. No Cloaking

Cloaking is a SEO technique in which the content presented to search engine spider is different from that presented to the user’s browser. Google clarified that the practice is against their guidelines, infringing which would lead to downgrading of your website ranking or removal from Google search. Serving the original content when you see the user agents, Google bot is an effective technique which you can deploy to carry on your test without catching the Master’s eye.

2. 301 Redirect instead of 302 redirect

If you are doing A/B testing which transfer users from original URL to the Variation URL, then use 301 temporary redirect rather than 302 permanent redirect. This would tell the search engine that this is the temporary URL and not the permanent one, and would run till the test ends, which will notify the search engine to keep your original URL indexed rather than replacing it with the temporary one.

3. Test For Short – Run

The time period of test depends on various factors like your web page traffic, conversion rate etc. However it is advised to run the test for an optimum amount of time so as to avoid breaching the Google’s guidelines. An effective A/B testing tool like Mocking Fish would be handy to help you decide the running time for your test based on the amount of data collected and its sufficiency to provide a desired conclusion.

Testing Process

Testing Process | MockingFish

The best way to go for A/B testing is to do it the scientific way, that includes:

  • Studying your website data: Studying the traffic data on your website through tools such as Google Analytics would help you to find the hindrance in the path of your desired optimization. For instance it would help you to identify the page with highest bounce off.
  • Analyzing user behavior: Analyzing the user‘s behavior through tools like Heatmap would help you analyze what is preventing the conversions.
  • Make Hypothesis : Based on above analysis create an assumption or hypothesis for which you want to do the conversion test.
  • Test Your Hypothesis : Test your Hypothesis through A/B testing tool by creating a variation out of it. Run your test and calculate the duration based on monthly traffic, conversion rate, Current conversion rate etc.
  • Draw Conclusions: Draw conclusion from the testing data and decide which pages comes out to be the winner page, in case you find your test data inconclusive rework on your Hypothesis and take the test again.

Your first A/B Test

Starting A/B testing with an effective tool like MockingFish would be easier to operate and would provide you an awesome testing environment.

Installation Of testing tool: You need to Install The Mockingfish A/B Testing Tool on your website and then add the small snippet code to your website. Here is screen shot of the same.

Installation Of testing tool | MockingFish

First Test : Once you are done with the Installation formalities, you are ready to create your own A/B testing experiment. MockingFish’s user friendly Dashboard will guide you through the simple step process for the same.

First Test | MockingFish

Create Experiment : To start testing, you need to add your URL for which you want to perform the test, which can be done as shown in the picture below

Make Changes : After adding URL you can go for making desired changes. For which, you would have to load your website on the editor of MockingFish tools, which would be accomplished by the easy interface of MockingFish.

Make Changes | MockingFish

Select target audience : After making the desired changes the user has the option to select the target audience, that would have access to your A/B testing changes without effecting the entire lot.

Select target audience | MockingFish

Set Goals : Goals of the test should be set, as it will help you analyse weather your desired results are attained or not. It is a crucial part of your test as it can help you to achieve high conversion rate, more clicks on CTA, surge in your sale etc.

Set Goals | MockingFish

Track and analyze : After goal setting, tracking and analyzing plays an important part as it not only track weather your goals are achieved or not but also diagnoses that weather your test is going in right direction or not.

Track and analyze | MockingFish


In this highly competitive digital arena, the importance of A/B testing can not be bogged down as it can have determinant effects on the performance and conversion rate optimization of your website. With neck to neck competition, these small testing techniques would provide you with an edge in the market.


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