Jul 4

How can MockingFish Attention Heatmap Tool Make a Difference to Your Site?

How can MockingFish attention heatmap tool make a difference to your site | Mockingfish

Technology is making inroads everywhere and the businesses are not even spared from its impact. Due to the rising uncertainty in the business outcomes and growth, it becomes important to embrace technology to stay ahead from your rivals. When we talk about online businesses, A/B testing and heatmap tool has played an important role in grooming the sites around the world. These tools can guide various websites through the critical path of conversions and product sales without any trouble. They offer valuable analytical report that can help in improving the conversion rate optimization funnel for any business.

Let us explore one such MockingFish attention heatmap tool which is an impressive choice for business users as well as site owners. Take a quick look at how it can change the course of tides in the favor of your business.

Ensures website optimization for your business- “Behind every successful online business is an appealing website” is not a fancy phrase  but is more near to reality. This is because websites offer your targeted customers a medium to engage with your nature of business. Therefore, if it is not engaging, it is not going to influence your customers in any way and your site would be of no use at all.

In order to eliminate the possibility of this scenario, MockingFish is packed with features like attention heatmap tool that can provide a clear insight regarding website optimization. It can provide analytical reports about the most engaged or most ignored areas of your site for making significant improvements in your website design and navigation.

You are better equipped to analyze the movement of your site visitors- Tracking and analysis of visitor’s movement on a site is an important constituent that can help in getting the most out of your site. This attention heatmap tool can provide a detailed record of site navigation by customers through horizontal and vertical scrolling. In this way, site owners can have a better insight of visitor activity irrespective of different screen sizes and resolutions.

The tool helps in grabbing the best out of your CTA buttons- With the support of MockingFish attention heatmap tool, you can target your customers in a better way. You can also get the fair idea of your CTA buttons in driving conversion rate and sales for your site. Thus, you can deduce whether your CTA buttons are working as expected or not for achieving maximum sales.

So, make no mistake now and start focusing on this attention heatmap tool from MockingFish for establishing your feet firmly in your eCommerce business domain. If you still don’t seem ready to try it, we will inform you that our MockingFish heatmap tool comes with the startup plan which is free for a year. Now, is the time to track, track and track.