Jul 14

How can you Ensure Exceptional A/B Testing for your WordPress Site?

How can you ensure exceptional A/B testing for your WordPress site | Mockingfish

It is the right of every website to have greater conversions and sales in its particular business domain irrespective of the platform used by it. There is no logic to deprive a website of its share of business opportunities just because it is not following same set of development guidelines, features and backend platform. Due to the availability of numerous website development platform, it seems to be a distant possibility to believe that every website owner can use the same platform for the development of their website.

It is neither feasible and nor logical to achieve any such hypothesis in the real world business environment and it should not affect the business chances of your website among its competitors. Sadly, this has been in the wishlist of numerous business owners but it has not been achieved unfortunately. Considering the concerns and in ensuring equal business opportunities to everyone, MockingFish is now available for WordPress platforms also. Now, you can use this WordPress A/B testing tool for the growth of your online store due to its wonderful features and functionalities. Take a look at how this free A/B testing tool can be of great advantage to your business.

It can help you optimize the performance of your site- With the help of this WordPress A/B testing tool, you can improve the performance of your WordPress site in a coherent manner. The tool helps in testing the variation of an existing element on your site for grabbing instant customer attention and conversion rates. In this way, you can get more sales, conversions and customer engagement among your business rivals.

The tool helps in eliminating the weak areas of your site- Once, you are fully aware about the weak areas of your website through heatmap tool, you can easily take required corrective actions. This WordPress A/B testing tool can perform A/B testing on that weak element and can guide you to make changes of variation page that derives maximum conversion rates for your site. You would not have to bear the brunt of an unappealing and non engagement areas that can affect your business chances.

It can help you in improving the usability of your site elements- This WordPress A/B testing tool can inform you about the performance of various site elements for getting their maximum usability and performance. You can apply A/B testing one by one on various elements of your site like web forms, headlines, product images, CTA buttons, links, login facility and other components. By performing split testing on them, you can decide which elements are performing optimally on your site or not.

Now, you can have bumper sales and conversions for your eCommerce site with this WordPress A/B testing tool which is packed with multiple features and functionalities. The startup plan of this tool is free for a year whereas its enterprise plan is available for $10 per month only. It is now easy to grab your share of conversions and sales with the help of this pocket friendly split testing tool for your WordPress website. Come and avail its wonderful services at our website www.mockingfish.com for enhancing the productivity of your eCommerce business.