Jul 8

How can you Get Started With Split Testing for Your Online Business?

How can you get started with split testing for your online business | Mockingfish

Online business is undergoing a phase where they are trying out various marketing strategies, search engine optimization techniques, content marketing and other such approaches to emerge victorious among their competitors. They are trying their every bit to grab their share of conversions and sales among the crowd to regain their position in search engine result pages. Apart from trying out other mediums, web testing and tracking tools do play an important role in the growth of your business. You need to take the help of an effective split testing for your site to grab higher customer attention, conversions and sales. Before you move ahead in this direction, you need to have a clear idea about what is split testing? Once, you are familiar with this notion, it will be easier for you to make the best out of your split testing campaigns.

Now, we are going to answer this crucial question about “What is split testing?” Well, people who are listening the term for the first time, I am spilling out the beans for them. Do take a look for understanding this testing approach in a better way.

Split testing is another name for A/B testing that helps in informing people about which is the most beneficial variation for their website. Here, two versions of a web page namely Variation A (Control page) and Variation B (Treatment page or page with desired changes) are tested against each other and the winner page is declared on the basis of conversion rates that is achieved by each individual web page. This Split A/B testing technique is a wonderful way to grab maximum conversions and customer traffic on a website. It is now time to discuss about the various elements that can be used for performing split testing for a promising website.

Headlines- You may be under- estimating the impact of headlines on your business fortunes  but it is an all together different scenario. These short few words headlines have the potential to grab the instant attention of their customers for getting required conversions. You need to perform split testing on your headlines as they can be seen on your home page, CTA button, internal pages and literally over everywhere. By placing an engaging headline with your CTA button or advertised offer, it would be much easier for you to persuade your targeted customers towards your site for a quick product purchase.

Product descriptions- If you are having an eCommerce site, you need to have an engaging product descriptions that can compel your targeted customers to check out your products for making an instant purchase. You need to remember that your product descriptions need to be informative, unique, appealing and relevant to the advertised product. For achieving the eye grabbing product descriptions, you need to perform A/B split testing on product descriptions for grabbing instant customer attention and conversions.

Web forms- Almost every site consist of web forms that serve various purposes like customer sign up registration, claiming of an eligible offer or gift, account creation form for new user and much more. However, not all web forms are optimized and exciting for site visitors which do affect their growth chances in the long run. For deriving maximum advantage from your web forms, you need to split test your web forms to make them more interactive and simplified for your users.

You need to reinvent your website design, customer engagement, conversion rate and sales with the help of split testing. You need to perform A/B testing on the various site elements for grabbing desired business results to make that initial lead among your rivals. Make the best of this split testing with the help of our MockingFish tool that is definitely the best buy due to its various features and functionalities.