Sep 20

How can you Set up the First Split Test for your Website?

How can you set up the first Split Test for your website | MockingfishIt is important to perform split testing on a website for ensuring its maximum usability and performance among your targeted customers. In this competitive business environment, you need to have a website which is engaging as well as appealing for your site visitors for grabbing desired business results.

However, the stalemate occurs when people do have a website testing tool but are not capable to utilize them for their own site. If you are one of those site owners, this blog will act as a guiding light for the proper utilization of A/B testing tool. Before going out further, let us first disclose about the mystery about what is Split Testing for some of the people who are new in this field.

Split Testing also known as A/B Testing is a web testing technique where two variations of a web page, email, home page, landing page or other such content are tested against each other to determine the winning variation based on the conversion rates achieved by them. The variation page that achieves higher conversion rates in a specified interval of time is known as winner page and is selected for implementing the final changes on a website. Here, the original web page without any changes is known as the control page whereas the web page with the intended changes is known as the challenger page or the treatment page.

Here is the step by step instructions for implementing split testing on a website through a website testing tool like MockingFish.

Select the appropriate site web page for testing purposes- In order to utilize your website testing tool in a proper manner, you need to have a clear idea about the web page of your site for implementing A/B testing experiments. Once, you have made the right selection of the web page, it will be much easier to grab higher conversion rates for your website. After the selection of the web page, you need to create variations for the split testing experiments.

Set a realistic time line for your testing experiments- If you want to make the most out of your split testing experiments, it is important to set a realistic deadline for your A/B testing experiments. Don’t let your testing run for months and years as it will have an adverse effect on your online business. This is because the traffic on your actual website is divided between your testing variations which could have a significant effect on the conversion rates and sales.

Wait for achieving an acceptable statistical significance- Stopping a split testing experiments in the middle will not yield any desired results if you have not reached at an acceptable level of statistical significance or confidence level. The threshold acceptable value of confidence level for implementing an A/B testing results is 95%. Make sure your testing experiments has crossed this minimum value for getting optimum website performance and usability.

By adhering completely these A/B testing guidelines, it will be much easier to get higher conversion rates and sales through a website testing tool like MockingFish. For more information about this tool and to check out the free demo, visit the site at now. Stay tuned with us and let us know your journey of A/B testing experiments.