Jul 1

How can you use WordPress Heatmap Tool for the Growth of Your Business?

How can you use WordPress Heatmap Tool for the Growth of Your Business | Mockingfish

There is always a pressure on every business to perform well and stay ahead from its rivals in terms of performance. This strong urge and business necessity works for every other site irrespective of the platforms used by them. It is important to focus on the performance of your business to achieve desired business goals and the website platform is the important element in this endeavor. If you are using CMS platforms like WordPress for your website, it is important to take the assistance of an effective heatmap tool that can guide you in the critical task of website optimization.

Here, in this blog post, we will recommend you to go for this MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool that is simply excellent and out- of- the- box in terms of the features and functionalities. If you want to explore this website tracking and analytics tool, it is time to take a quick look below:

Helps in providing information about the engagement areas of your customers- It is now much easier to keep a track record of your customer activity on you site for getting maximum business gains. This MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool can guide about the engagement areas of your site that can help you understand how your visitors like to spend time on your site. With this information, you can use those engagement areas for showcasing your shopping offers/deals or other elements of concern to ensure maximum customer attention.

Provides detailed information about click activity of your visitors- This free heatmap tool can help in providing a detailed click activity of the site visitors for the proper utilization of your marketing campaigns. To help you achieve a big name in your eCommerce business, this WordPress heatmap tool can be a major contributor in the above task. It consists of various types of heatmap features that can provide a clear insight about how your customers behave on your site. Below are some of the heatmap features under this extraordinary tool.

Helps in getting more customers for your business- By tracking the source of your traffic and devices used through insight heatmap feature of this MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool, you can target your customers in a much better way. Apart from this, it also reveals critical data about time of browsing, location of customer, interests of your visitors and much more that can eventually help in grabbing more customers for your online business.

Works in improving the performance of your site- Once, you know the weak and strong areas of your site based on the click activity of your visitors, it is easy to get your website redesigned in a seamless manner. This WordPress heatmap tool can ensure detailed information about your site activity in the form of heatmap reports that are easy to understand by every other site owner. In this way, with the support of analytical data of this free web tracking tool, site redesigning is actually a fun game.

Delve deeper into this MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool for having a better understanding about your site visitors. Most importantly, unlike other tools, its startup plan is available free for a year whereas the business plan is available for a modest cost of $10 per month only. Come to our MockingFish site and try out this feature packed heatmap tool for the growth of your business.