Feb 18

How Heat Map Data can Drive Conversions for your Business?

How heat map data can drive conversions for your business? | Mockingfish

Heat map tools helps in analyzing the visitor behavior towards a site for better conversions.

Data analysis is an important part of every business activity as it helps to provide critical insight about the performance and working of a business. Without the support of an effective website tracking and analysis software, you can’t decide what is going wrong, which are the grey areas in your site, what needs to be improved and where are your site visitors spending most of their time. All these are inevitable questions that needs to be considered for cementing a comfortable place among your business rivals. Let us now move forward in this soul searching journey that can truly bring a tremendous change in your business in terms of conversion rates, site traffic, customer engagement and product sales.

1. For an eye grabbing website design- 

For an eye grabbing website design | Mockingfish

Click heat map tool helps you identify the active and non active areas of your site for better customer engagement.

There are numerous areas in a website that are capable of grabbing the instant attention while there are other areas that are completely ignored by your targeted customers. Due to this uneven traffic distribution, often business entities are unable to get the required traffic on important areas of their website. To solve this problem, you need to take the help of an effective heat map tool like Mocking Fish that can provide a detailed picture of your website for better customer targeting and engagement. Once you are fully aware about the hot and cold areas of your site, you can effortlessly redesign your website.

2. Management of inventory stock- Inventory management is a crucial aspect for the growth and expansion of a eCommerce business as you need to ensure an uninterrupted product supply to your targeted customers. However, this can be only achieved if you are using a reliable tracking tool that can keep a close watch on your inventory stock. With this tracking tool, you can easily decide which elements are available in your stock and which needs to be ordered by you immediately for ensuring a seamless product supply. You need to keep a constant tab on the fields like most sold/popular products, least viewed products, out- of- stock products and other such data through the help of a reliable click heat map tool. It will track down the mouse click movement of your visitors for providing regular updates about the movement of products in your stock inventory.

3. For obtaining maximum output from your marketing campaigns- You need a detailed analysis of your site and its targeted customers for drawing maximum benefit out of your marketing campaigns. You can implement testing and tracking tools on your promotional emails for improving email open rates, customer engagement ratio and other such metrics.

For obtaining maximum output from your marketing campaigns | Mockingfish

Mouse move heat map tool helps in providing the clear insight about how your site is being interpreted by your targeted customers.

Mouse move heat map tool of Mocking Fish can provide you information about how your targeted customers are interacting with your promotional emails and whether they are paying attention to the required areas of your emails or not. This mouse movement data is related to eye tracking and provide store owners information about how their data is being read by their customers. By implementing the suggestions of this mouse move heat map data, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your promotional emails.

4. For deciding the best price of your available products- Steep pricing of your products can be a game spoiler for your eCommerce business as customers are always looking for competent prices that are within the range of their pocket. It is important to track your visitor’s location, purchasing history, demography, interest and other such metrics through the help of a productive heat map tool for deciding the most appealing price for your targeted customers. You need to track down the mouse click activity of your visitors for determining the most lucrative price segment that are searched by them and will contribute immensely in this crucial task of customer segmentation. Apart from this, you need to closely monitor your competitor’s site for determining the best price for your store and reprice your product accordingly.

5. Development of an engaging site content- Content is the actual “kingmaker” in this changing business scenario as SEO has come a long way from mere keyword targeting and stuffing to a more semantic and context based approach. In order to improve the appeal of your content, you need to track your site visitors, social media content, browsing behavior and other such factors through mouse move heat map tool, insight heat map tool, scroll heat map tool, click heat map tool and other such site monitoring tools. Analyze your content more closely and determine what is going wrong and make necessary improvements in your content marketing strategies based on your study. Remember this golden rule of writing that “You are writing for your targeted customers and not for the search engine bots”.

6. Customer browsing behavior and patterns-

Customer browsing behavior and patterns | Mockingfish

Insight heat map provides detailed information about your site visitors for better customer targeting.

It is important to know the “Depth of well before jumping into it”, similarly take corrective steps when you are pretty sure about the areas where you are lagging behind. Don’t go with the wild guesses as it would be a sheer wastage of your time, money and efforts. Try to get a clear insight about the platforms and devices that are used by your targeted customers for surfing your particular site. Know which devices are being extensively used by your site visitors, what browsers are used for surfing, what is the most active time of your users and other such information through the help of this amazing insight heat map tool of Mocking Fish. All this valuable data will provide the added punch to your customer targeting strategies and will improve your conversion rates and product sales without any doubt.

These are some of the crucial areas where you can avail the expert service of an amazing heat map tool for getting a complete whirlwind change in the performance and productivity of your business entity. Follow this golden rule that “Statistical data is the engine that drives the change in a business scenario without hurting your business interests”. So, embrace the services of heat maps for a bright business future that is devoid of any market fluctuations and uncertainty.