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How important is a WordPress A/B Testing Tool?

How important is a WordPress AB testing tool? | Mockingfish

It’s most likely correct to say that everybody who runs a website needs it to convert better and better. Regardless of whether that implies more email list generation, deals, offers, customers, leads, downloads or anything that you are attempting to accomplish with your website.

You could hire developers to roll out improvements in a desire of what you may be thinking would enhance the usability, customers engagement, and finally the conversions on your site. However, could you imagine a scenario in which you are wrong and you end up investing all your time, efforts and money in overhauling your site just to find out that you really messed up? This is the scenario where most of us end up when we do not use A/B testing before finalizing the modifications.

What’s the conversion goal on a WordPress site?

Let’s be realistic, do you truly know what makes your visitor’s click somewhere on your website? Do you have any thought why a few clients purchase your items and others don’t? Why some choose to remain on your site and others are just fine leaving it immediately?

A/B testing a WordPress site is somewhat different from any eCommerce site. The conversion goals are quite different, the purpose of the website is different and the expectations of the visitors are different from what on a PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify, or a Magento site. A WordPress site is basically a medium to showcase your business and service that you provide- online or offline. Another example of conversion on WordPress site is to provide your visitors a simple approach to contact you through an email, phone call, or a form submission etc.

When should you conduct the WordPress A/B testing?

How important is a WordPress A/B testing tool?- When should you conduct the WordPress AB testing? | Mockingfish

Now, that you have an idea of how important is A/B testing for your WordPress site and what can be your conversion goals, let’s consider the big question “When should I deploy a WordPress A/B testing?”

The vast majority presumably expect that A/B testing is implied exclusively for sites that are failing to meet the conversion expectations. While A/B testing might be one answer for that, it isn’t necessarily the only situation. Keep in mind that you have to utilize the utilization of the correct tools for the correct issues.

When it comes to A/B testing a WordPress site, a WordPress A/B testing tool is the correct tool for it. There are various situations when you need to conduct the A/B testing and WordPress A/B testing tool would be the one standing by your side.

Site rebuilding- Instead of holding up to perceive how a new site design would perform with your visitors over the long haul, it is wise, to begin with, A/B split testing as quickly as time permits. There was a reason behind your site re-build, so you ought to do what you can in this time around for preparing a better shape that every one of your visitors would like to see on your WordPress site.

Marketing campaigns- Marketing campaigns are very powerful method for growing your business’ span. Notwithstanding, these can regularly consume a considerable amount of time and dollars to prepare and implement. While in the planning periods of your Marketing crusade, make the use of WordPress A/B testing tool to create some enticing landing pages. In the remote possibility, the A/B testing might show some results indicating one of your thoughts doesn’t run over well with your group of visitors, you can conceivably spare this showcasing and prepare a more solid plan in the light of the statistics provided by the WordPress A/B testing tool.

Degrading conversions- In case you’re seeing a degradation in the measure of site’s conversion rates, this is the ideal time to make a move. The WordPress A/B testing tool may help you deal with where things are turning out badly on the site. Additionally, you might discover some useful ideas for adjustments that can help you to restore the conversion rate. Utilizing a WordPress heatmap tool to discover the current usability of the non-performing elements would be a great idea here. Talking about heatmap tools, the MockingFish WordPress A/B testing tool would be a good choice to try out; it’s free and comes bundled with a free heatmap tool either.

Elevated conversion rate- While elevated conversions are certainly a reason for festivity, this is likewise an awesome time to take a shot at keeping that force going. You can conduct some A/B test once in a while here to just be sure what else could you do to elevate more with the conversion rate and what your visitors would like to see more on your website. Caution: do not get mesmerized with the flow, test one element at a time and without disturbing the regular flow of conversion rate.

A WordPress A/B testing tool can help you a lot in different situations. Ultimately the choice of the WordPress A/B testing tool falls on you according to your budget, and business requirement. I would choose a free A/B testing tool for the start to find out if it is working for me or not.


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