Jun 13

How is Mocking Fish Driving E-Commerce Conversions?

How is Mocking Fish driving eCommerce conversions | Mockingfish

Get this Mocking Fish tool for your online store to redefine your conversion rates.

E-Commerce stores are running behind the sole motive of getting higher conversions and sales to remain undisputed king in their particular business segment. Conversion rates are the new language of a promising eCommerce venture and it is defining the success of numerous online stores around the world. No matter what may be the nature of your eCommerce business, conversion rates remain the same guiding factor for a stupendous business prospect.

There might be numerous reasons for a dip in the conversion rates but you certainly need various techniques and strategies that can together form an indispensable part of eCommerce conversion optimization process. On the similar guidelines, Mocking Fish comes as the sole representative that can bring a major transformation in the business aspirations of your online store. It is a wonderful A/B testing and heatmap tool that can improve the functionality and performance of your eCommerce store. Here are some of the ways by which Mocking Fish can set the new business rules for your online store.

Provides an edge over customer retention issues- Getting customers for your online store is a very difficult task and to keep them hooked to your online store is more or less a herculean task. With Mocking Fish detailed heat map reports, you can effortlessly grab more customers towards your online store and can also retarget your “moody customers”. You need to analyze the statistical data of this Mocking Fish tool that can play a big role in the task of eCommerce conversion optimization.

Functionality to make website customization through visual editor- This web analytics and testing tool is a great help for various eCommerce stores around the world due to its outstanding features. You get the facility to make quick changes in your website through the help of its interactive visual editor. Site owners can make instant changes in their website even if they are not having much knowledge about coding or technical specifications. Everything has much sim plified that you will wonder if website customization could actually be so easy.

It helps you deliver the productivity of your site elements for various site objectives- Through the help of Mocking Fish heatmap and A/B testing tool, you can have a clear idea about the performance of your site elements. It helps in deriving the maximum benefit out of your CTA buttons, images, links and other site components by performing A/B testing on various elements of your site. Thus, now you have the chance to improve your registrations, sign ups, product sales, eCommerce conversion optimization and much more without any hurdle.

In this way, you will find yourself in a sweet spot while dealing with the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your online store. This Mocking Fish tool can evolve your online store from a “grey spot” in the eCommerce field to a “pole star” in the  respective business domain. It is an eCommerce conversion optimization tool of its own kind due to its own features, reliability, simple web design, back end functionality and other such perks. Take a tour down our Mocking Fish site at www.mockingfish.com and try out the free trial for your online business.