Jun 17

How to Analyze your Key Performance Metrics with a Web Analytics Tool?

Due to the emergence of numerous online business organizations, customers have got numerous options in a particular business segment and this has made conversion rates a crucial task. Marketing and promotional activities are not just enough to boost your sales but you also need some real time statistics data that can help you to plan your marketing activities in a better way. In order to increase your conversion rate and customer traffic, it is important to analyze your website traffic, its content and website elements continuously to determine your brand significance and reach among your targeted customers. To accomplish this crucial task, you need to avail the expertise of any heat map tools. These web analytics tools can provide important information to your business organizations in following areas.

  • Source and size of your site visitors- For establishing your brand among your targeted customers, it is important to analyze the source and number of your site visitors. You need to have information about the type of visitors visiting your site, interests of those visitors, platforms used by those visitors and other such important data. It will help you in understanding your visiting customers and will help your business organizations in turning them into your potential customers. To maintain all this valuable data, you need to have support of the heat map based analytics tool.
  • Monitoring and tracking of your visitors activity- Sometimes, you may have a sizeable customer traffic on your site but still you are not getting the desired conversion rates. This is due to the reason that your customers may be spending most of their time on irrelevant areas of your website like social media login, image viewing or any other flash game on your site. To correct this problem, you need to monitor and track your customer’s activity on your site through web analytics tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Click Tale and such others and use its results to increase your conversion rate.
  • Analysis of sales related activities- In order to analyze your sales revenue and challenges in your conversion rate, you need to have a clear picture about your sales activity. Use a reliable heat map based statistics report that can inform you about the platform that are used to make purchase, product categories that are witnessing maximum sales, peak time and duration of sales, product with least sales and other such important information. Track which product categories are most searched by your user, interest areas of your customers, reasons for your customers abandoning the shopping cart and other such crucial factors through any web analytics tools. With this crucial customer data, you can easily retarget your customers and can encourage them from making sales. Further, it will help you to focus more clearly on the weak product categories and challenging areas that are hindering the sales of your e- commerce store. It will help you in taking the corrective steps easily so as to prevent the long term revenue loss by your business organization.

 By adopting this information in your marketing and development efforts, you can easily transform your e- commerce company from a sluggish business organization to an e- commerce giants like Amazon, ebay, Ali baba, Flipkart and such others. To know more about this topic, refer this article- How to strengthen your brand awareness with web analytics tool?