Jul 27

How To Boost Sales From Your Returning Customer?

Getting your abandoned customers back to your business organization is the biggest achievement for any organization. But, the task doesn’t stop here and you have to further push them for making sales on your e- commerce store. Although, it may sound to be challenging but it is still achievable. We need to understand their mind and psychology behind their return towards our store and what are their expectations from our business organization. If we can succeed in providing them extraordinary service and user experience on our e- commerce website, we can easily engage them to make a purchase. Here are some of the tips that can help us in fulfilling the expectations of our customers and can compel them to make a product purchase from our store.

  • Decode the mind of your returning customer- Always remember that the returning customer has pinned high hopes and expectations from your organization regarding its services and functioning. You need to deliver on your promises so that you can boost your sales revenue. Efforts should be taken to improve the user experience and to increase the ease of doing shopping on your e- commerce store. By implementing the A/B testing results, business organizations can easily increase their conversion rates as well as their sales revenue.
  • Launch new products and services for your customers- In order to grab the attention and focus of your returning customers, offer them something new in the form of new product launches. Provide them exotic brands that can entice their mind and can encourage them to make final purchase from your store. Make your e- commerce store an international affair by showcasing a huge number of varieties in terms of big brands, ethnic brands, fusion brands with a mix of local and foreign skills and other such options.
  • Involve your customers in conversation- A sound and effective communication is the need and requirement of every emerging business organization. Pay attention to your customers feedbacks and concerns about your services so that you can take the immediate steps to correct your mistakes. Always be ready to listen your customers and involve with them through live chat, social media pages and other such mediums.
  • Allow your customers a say in pricing related matters- It is often seen that steep prices or non- negotiable prices are a bone of contention for numerous shoppers while making an online purchase. To break the ice, you need to offer price negotiation for customers and also provide offers like “money back guarantee if cheaper than this” to encourage your customers towards your e- commerce store. Business organizations can also try the best price options for their customers by performing A/B testing on various pricing variations through web testing tools like Unbounce, Mocking Fish, Optimizely and such others.

So, as you have been able to return your customer back to your store, it is time to actually indulge him/her in sales activity for your store. By focusing and improving the above key areas, business organizations can easily change their fortunes in terms of sales revenue and conversion rates. Further, a little improvement in these areas can ensure rewarding results for your e- commerce store.