Aug 23

How to Bring Customers Towards Conversion Funnel Through Scroll Heatmap?

With the presence of scrolling facility on a site, visitors can access a large volume of information by occupying a small space on the website. They are particularly useful when you have to feature a wide range of elements and data on your website. To make the proper utilization of scrolling activity on your site, it is important to take the assistance of scroll heatmaps for maximum business gains. Let us now discuss the importance of scroll heatmaps in an online business environment.

These scroll heatmaps helps in providing information about visitor engagement-Visitors nowadays are moody in nature and their interest on a site is affected by the number and presentation of elements on the website. With the help of our MockingFish scroll heatmaps, it is now easy to analyze the level of customer engagement to improve the checkout process, sales and customer engagement. By knowing the level upto which the customer engages on a site, it will now be possible to get higher conversions on a site.

It provides the accurate idea about the page length on a site- It needs to be remember that lengthy is not always engaging for site visitors and all which matters is the appropriate page length. Once, you know the effective page length of your content through scroll heatmaps, it will be easier for site owners to make the optimum utilization of their website for their business growth. The proper idea about page length helps in improving the performance of landing pages and also helps in reducing the loading time of a website.

Scroll heatmaps helps in proper arrangement of the site components- You might be thinking that your website may be utilizing its components to the fullest but it is actually not the case. There may be site components that may be placed at such a location where site visitors normally don’t scroll upto or which are placed below the fold that is unable to get proper visitor attention. To resolve this issue, you need to study scroll heatmap reports for effective site usability and conversion rate optimization. With the detailed analysis of scroll heatmaps, site admin can place elements like CTA buttons, links, images, banners and other components at the appropriate position on a website. This will ensure higher customer engagement and conversions for your site.

It helps in improving the performance of website design- Website design is affected by a number of barriers like irrelevant content, excessive page length, improper placement of site elements and other factors. All these hurdles can be effectively tackled through scroll heatmaps. You need to take the help of MockingFish scroll heatmap for engaging website design by removing unnecessary content, reducing the page length and proper placement of site elements.

It is important to improve your website scrolling with the help of scroll heatmaps for grabbing more conversions and sales. Help customers to reach out to important areas of the website without any effort to improve customer engagement and attention on your site. For understanding more about the effectiveness of a scroll heatmap, do take a free demo of our tool by visiting our website at