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How to create the landing pages that convert?

Creating a converting landing page is not an impossible task. Even in a highly competitive eCommerce market, you can always create a converting landing page. There is bulk of components which decides the conversion of a landing page. You have to take care of those essential elements and Bingo; you have an excellent, converting landing page.

How to hit the mark? How can you design a better landing page? Keep reading, because you are going to unleash some basic yet milestone tweaks in this regard. We must always remember that there is no standard way to create a positively perfect landing page. However, it is possible to get the closest thing to it and possibly you are reading the same.

Different landing pages with different uses-

Landing pages are different for various kind of conversion goals. Some landing pages are used for selling a product, some for inviting subscriptions, some for event registrations and so on. Each of them has their own conversion goals. So, a single standard method will not work for all of them. However, there are still some basic approaches that you can use in almost any of the landing page creations; you have to just look for the certain essential elements.

Element 1: A perfect Headline is a must-

A headline is everything that is used to attract the users in the first place. It is the first and foremost element in your page that draws the attention. Here is what you need to do wit your headline:

  • Make it catchy- use a unique and easily noticeable headline.
  • Make it brief yet complete- Use your words wisely. A headline is something that should convey the whole message in a short phrase.

A perfect headline enables the reader to understand what they are going to read and what solution the particular landing page would consist. The reader should be able to judge the kind of content in the landing page from your headline itself. Start engaging from the very beginning and you will never face a bounce back.

How to create the landing pages that convert | MockingFish


Element 2: Do not overlook the Subheadlines-

If the job of the headlines is to call your users, then the task of the subheadlines is to make them stay on the landing page. A perfect subheadline can propel your landing page towards conversion for sure.

  • Place the subheadline positioned underneath the headline.
  • Continue from where you left in the main headline. Remember, you are using the subheadline to engage the users. So, you need to take them a little further in subheadlines to generate curiosity.
  • You can take the subheadlines to a little depth and detail than the headline.

The position is not fixed for a subheadline. Sometimes, subheadlines are kept above the main headline. However, you should not forget to emphasize on the main headline irrespective of the place they are held. Like the landing page below:

How to create the landing pages that convert 2| MockingFish

This position switch signifies a condition when headlines can complement the subheadlines.

Element 3: Visual graphics is always desirable-

Pictures are always the first to get noticed before the texts. The human brain can process images much quicker than a textual representation. Images would affect the user in a faster time.

How to create the landing pages that convert 3 | MockingFish

Make sure the images you use are large enough. Do not use skewed images. Use in proper resolution and aspect ratio to the landing page.

Always use relevant images that can complement the texts employed in the landing page.

If the pictures are going to represent our business, then it would be wise to always a high-quality image. The professionalism you show in your pictures would help you exhibit your business quality.

Element 4: Explain your point-

It is not only the headlines and subheadlines that are going to explain everything about your conversion goal. To perform a better conversion optimization of the landing pages, you need to explain your point in some real words.

landing page elements | Mockingfish

  • The explanation can be used as an integral part of the headline or subheadline. You can also provide a separate explanation.
  • The complete description will always consist your headline, sub headline, images and finally a small paragraph.
  • If the explanation consists of something that is user-oriented, then it will encourage the user to take action. For example, in landing page of software, you can skip the functional explanation and tell the user how it will make his life easy.

Element 5: Compelling Call to Action –

The last most important factor in making any landing page converting is the CTA. Nothing listed or mentioned in your landing page will be of use if the user does not know what to do after reading it. So, it is clear that a proper CTA is the most important element in your landing page.

Make it noticeable- A bigger size of CTA button or text would make it stand in focus from the very beginning. So, make it bigger on other contents on the landing page.

Do not use multiple CTAs- If you use multiple CTAs, it would just confuse the user. Make is clear, to the point, and unambiguous so that user will have a definite idea of what it will do after clicking.

Use of buttons is better than text only- This is not a convention, but buttons are more standardize form and user will get the idea in a snap of time that it is a CTA button that they have to click.

Use contrasting color- Whatever color you use for the CTA button, just make sure that it does not get lost in the entire mesh. Users should be able to point them quickly. Using a color different from your company’s theme color would a better idea as it will contrast button to stand out from the rest of the page.


A landing page is always a place where your efforts come to fruition. Do not let your efforts go in vain. Choose wisely to get something productive out of all your efforts you put on creating a landing page.


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