May 19

How to Handle Traffic During Peak Shopping Season

How to handle traffic during peak shopping season | Mockingfish

There is a famous saying that “Opportunity missed is actually opportunity lost” and this seems to be very appropriate for the e- commerce companies who are unable to grab the maximum out of the peak shopping season. No business organization would want to be in this state but truly not everyone can take optimum benefit of the above situation. So, to make things in your favour, here is a list of practices that you need to follow for getting maximum advantage of that shopping season.

  • Analyze the peak load situation- It is important to understand the whole situation that leads to peak shopping demands, your preparedness to handle the increased traffic flow and the loopholes in your website that needs to be corrected for the impending situation. By addressing all these situations, you can easily increase the conversion rate for your e- commerce company.
  • Maintain communication with your web hosting platform- There are numerous e- commerce sites that depend on the various web hosting services for their website functionality. In these cases, it becomes imperative for these business organizations to communicate with their web hosting service provider in the situations of peak shopping season and their capability in handling them. There should be proper optimization planning by these web hosting service providers about what additional assistance can be provided by them to their customers for dealing with this situation.
  • Optimize your site performance by testing- Perform stress testing to determine the maximum traffic level your site can handle without affecting the user experience for your customers. By having this crucial information, you can initiate appropriate steps to improve your site performance and increase your conversion rate.
  • Determine differences in current capacity and growth estimate- Make necessary details regarding the current site capacity and the expected growth estimates so as to determine the gap between the two. With this information, you can decide proactive optimization steps that need to be taken to bridge the gap and to achieve your estimated growth target.
  • Install additional hardware infrastructure for increased load- As you are aware about the increased traffic load, you can deploy additional hardware for boosting the performance of your website. It will not only protect your website from crashing due to increased load but will improve your sales further.So, take advantage of this peak shopping season and increase sales revenue for your e- commerce company. Remember, it is “Now or Never” and take precautionary steps in advance to grab a huge share in this limited mega sale offer.