Aug 2

How to Improve User Experience with a Heatmap Tool?

How to Improve User Experience with a Heatmap Tool | Mockingfish

Site visitors play a supreme role in enhancing the performance of an online store as they are the ones who take the final crucial business decision. It is definitely a herculean task to keep these visitors engaged on your online store for optimum business results. User experience offered by your site has a critical role in improving the customer engagement and conversions for your eCommerce store.

Any aspiring eCommerce store can’t ignore the user experience as it is the interface that connects a visitor with your online store. If it is not engaging, you can’t expect a promising eCommerce site in terms of conversion rates and sales. A heatmap tool can play a decisive role in improving the user experience for your website. For people who are not informed about the impact of heatmap tool on site user experience can take the helpful tips from the critical information given below:

Heatmap helps in guiding about the weak or strong areas of a website- A website may have various areas that can grab instant attention of your targeted customers while there can be other areas which are generally left ignored by the visitors. In case the weak areas on your site outnumber the strong areas of your website, it requires an immediate improvement in your website user experience. There are variety of features like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, attention heatmap, insight heatmap and others that are available on a MockingFish heatmap tool for ensuring a clean user experience on your website.

It helps in providing information about where do visitors spend their time- It is a common scenario where people are getting adequate traffic on their site but are unable to convert the same into their purchasing customers. The reason for this difference could be an unappealing user experience on your website. Site owners can take the help of click heatmap for tracking customer clicks which can provide information about the site areas where visitors spend most of their time. If you are aware about these engagement areas, you can place your crucial elements like CTA buttons, forms, images and other site elements for getting maximum customer attention and engagement.

Heatmap offer crucial data about customer browsing behavior- You need to have a deep understanding about your site visitors regarding their online purchasing behavior, mouse click patterns, focus areas and navigation pattern on your website to optimized your chances of conversions. A brilliant heatmap tool like MockingFish can help in creating a detailed visitor profile for helping out in the crucial conversion rate optimization tips for your site. With its analytical data, you can take the required steps for improving your conversion rates, customer engagement and product sales.

It helps in removing the bottlenecks in a smooth website navigation- Often visitors are not amused in making an online purchase through a website if it is not providing an easy access to offered products or services. Don’t make the life of your visitors complicated by searching madly for the required products on your online store. You need to utilize a result oriented search facility on your eCommere store for ensuring an easy product access to site visitors. The heatmap data can help in simplifying the navigation around your website for getting higher conversion rates and product sales by providing the data about weak and strong website areas.

User experience is the first step towards achieving the wonderful business goals by an online store, so make required efforts in this direction. If you can’t find the clear direction in this regard, you need to avail the wonderful services of a heatmap tool like MockingFish which has bundle of features. If you are concerned about your pocket size, do take the free trial of the tool from our site.