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How to improve your landing page performance?

How to improve your landing page’s performance | MockingFish

“First impression is the last impression”, the famous saying holds true in today’s e-commerce and digital arena as the margins for error are getting narrower. In this regard, the importance of an impressive landing page is what you should focus your attention on if you are eyeing a hike in your conversion rates. It is a well-known fact that the landing pages are a critical element in driving the traffic to your website, which eventually has ripple effects on your conversion rates. Thus, in order to give you an idea about how you can make your landing performance effective we will discuss some methods that can come in handy.

Methods you can adopt to tweak your landing pages.

Methods you can adopt to tweak your landing pages | MockingFish

To make your landing page effective and stand out, you can opt for the methods which are mentioned here.

Test and optimize: To test and optimize is the best thing you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your landing page. For getting an idea about the missing elements, you can take the help of A/B testing or multivariate testing to locate those Gray areas and then work on them. A proper combination of a heatmap tool and a A/B testing tool is all you need as a start for CRO of your landing pages.

Go step by step: Don’t mess up with a lot of changes or complete redesign as it will not allow you to precisely locate those small loopholes which might be hampering the performance of your landing page. Studies reveal that a complete overhaul can lead to a drastic 20% drop in your conversion rates. So, go step by step and tweak the elements that you find as loopholes first. A complete site redesign is never a solution.

Experiment: Take a step and go ahead with innovating different phrases and formatting techniques on your landing page. Experimenting with some catchy and sensory phrases is an effective way to grab the visitors eyeball. Content optimization can come handy in this regards.

Call to action: Call to action buttons on your website are the areas which drive the conversion of your website. Thus, their effectiveness should be such that they catch the imagination of the visitor immediately. You can test them for perfection with the help of an effective A/B testing tool such as the MockingFish’s A/B testing tool. Later you can test the usability using the complementary heatmap tool.

Video’s as value addition: Adding a visual descriptive on your web page is the most brilliant thing you can do to your web page. Putting up a video as a greeting or to describe the product and discount offers available is an attractive method to enhance the first look of your page. Videos will help in product description, customer education, conversion optimization and a better customer engagement.

Credibility: You can build a trust with your visitor in the first sight by including certain relevant reviews from your social connect which substantiate the quality of service that you provide. Sites, showing genuine products reviews gain more credibility as compared to the ones just showing positive reviews. So, make sure you show all your customers need to know.


The effect of the performance of your landing page directly falls on your conversion rates. Thus, keeping the performance of your landing page optimum can prove to be of great effect for conversions. In this regards, the adoption of above mention method can come in handy.


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