Oct 30

How To Kickstart CRO For Your E-Commerce Store?

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Conversions are a matter of great concern for various business organizations.

A brilliant start is crucial for any business organization especially when the competition is so ruthless and on such a global scale. No organization can survive the harsh winds of uncertainity and market volatility if it doesn’t have a proper CRO strategy to keep it going good for a neck- to- neck business race. You can’t shoot arrows in the dark and similarly you can’t expect your every strategy about CRO to provide you exceptional results. There is a equal probability of hits and misses in this game so all you need is the right approach. Here are the few tips that will guide you towards a powerful start in terms of eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

1. Implement A/B testing on the design of your eCommerce store-

Implement Winner A/B Testng Design For Better Conversion | Mockingfish

A/B testing can improve conversions for your business organization.

Website design and appearance acts as a powerful magnet an attract your tarthat cgeted customers towards your eCommerce site. Make your site more visually appealing with equal weightage on the navigation and user experience so that visitors can effortlessly make an online purchase through your eCommerce store. Business organizations can also perform A/B testing on the different variations of the website design through tools like Mocking Fish that are easy to implement, reliable in test results and comes with the most competitive price. Based on the feedbacks and response of your targeted customers, you can decide the winner website page for your eCommerce store that can be rewarding for your site in terms of conversion rates, site traffic and product sales.

2. Project your featured products in the most powerful way- e-Commerce sites are all about making your featured product more alluring and tempting for your targeted customers so as to persuade them to make online purchase through your store. Provide effective descriptions and detailed images about your featured product so as to grab the instant attention of your targeted customers. Explain people about your product in the most enticing manner so that they would be most interested to purchase your featured product.

3. Discourage unnecessary and illegitimate costs- You need to be fair with your targeted customers and should not indulge in any unfair pricing methods so as to boost their confidence into your eCommerce store. Provide clear information about all the charges that are included in the shopping cart of your customers and do not include any surprise charges or additional cost at the final checkout process that may divert your targeted customers away from your business organization and can affect your product sales drastically.

4. Provide your customer ample reasons to shop from your online store-

Security Seals And Trust Badges- A Must For Your Organization | Mockingfish

Security seals and trust badges improve conversions on eCommerce site.

Every online customer making a purchase through an eCommerce store wants an assurance that their personal details like credit card information, email address or other such data would be safely and securely dealt by the respective business organization. Use of trust seals, secure payment systems and an easy checkout process can make your customers more loyal to your business organization. It will further help in strengthening their faith and confidence towards your eCommerce store. But, remember don’t use fake trust seals as these can diminish the reputation of your business organization.

5. Guide your customers towards effective purchasing decisions through timely alerts, messages and notifications- Business organizations need to make their customers aware about the recent shopping offers, deals and festivals which are happening on their site so as to persuade people to shop more. You can send timely reminders about a shopping offer that is about to end or a best prices deal that has been running for few days. Target your customers in the most efficient manner through alerts, messages and notifications so as to grab their instant attention towards your eCommerce store for boosting your product sales and conversion rates.

6. Gather email address of your targeted customers- Email marketing can play a crucial role in driving customers towards your online store. Business organizations can send specific sales focused emails to their targeted customers so as to increase their chances of making a product sales. Moreover, this form of customer targeting is most cost effective as it can turn abandoned customers into actual customers at the least marketing cost. But, this can be only possible if you are having the email addresses of your targeted customers for the promotional purposes.

7. Retarget your customers strongly- Most of the times, customers often don’t complete a checkout process and leave an eCommerce site in the middle due to numerous reasons. This not only affects the rate of your product sales but also makes a severe impact on your customer engagement. In order to prevent this scenario, business organizations need to retarget their customers again through emails, search ads, social media strategy, PPC campaigns and other such mediums. It is the need of the hour to take adequate steps towards customer retargeting as “A customer lost is a sales opportunity missed” and can hamper your site performance and usability in the long run.

It is in the best interest of your business organization to adopt these productive tips for an effective conversion rate optimization strategy. If you are successful in driving a significant number of visitors towards your conversion funnel, you can easily influence the conversion rates for your eCommerce store.