Jun 12

How To Make Search Results Smarter For Your Customers?

Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others are constantly using new search algorithms and techniques to make search results more relevant and user friendly. This is one such feature that is increasingly used by e- commerce stores to boost their sales and helps in improving conversion rates. But, if you want to utilize the full potential of the search results, you need to implement new techniques and procedures to make your search results highly focused and query based. Here are some of the factors that can easily improve the relevance of your e- commerce search engine results.

  • Make your results page more action-oriented- It will be a pleasant experience for your online customers if your search results provide clear insight about various elements like pricing, size- color availability and other such parameters that helps in encouraging interest of the online buyers. Further, you can use the heat map driven results that provides you a clear understanding of the most searched products and items on your e- commerce store. Also, you can include features that allow your customers to purchase a product directly from the search results itself or it should have a simple process that should lead the interested buyers towards the checkout page of your website.
  • Make your search specific content highly visible- It is a good practice to provide related alternative options to your customers when they are looking for a product on your site. It will not only increase the interests of your customers but will also educate them about the other available options. To incorporate this feature, you can take the help of various heat map based tools like Mocking Fish, Crazy Egg, Click Tale and such others. These statistics driven results will provide you answers about what your customers may like about your store.
  • Pay attention towards your targeted customers- For the success of your store, it is important that your targeted customers are treated uniquely. You can track their interests, behavior, purchasing pattern and other factors to understand what actually entices them or what collectively forms their ultimate choice of product? All these important queries can be easily handled by a heat map based tool. With this information, you can easily provide niche and premium products to your elite customers by categorizing their web Analytic and search driven results.

With a keen focus on all these strategies, you can refine your search results based on your customers intention and preferences. This smart, customer focused approach will surely provide a flying start to your e- commerce store and your conversion rates will surely rise. Thus, make a little way for innovation and smart tips in your search results and analyze the extraordinary results by yourself.