Aug 7

How To Make Your Checkout Process A Smooth Ride?

Shopping cart abandonment has become a common phenomenon for numerous e- commerce sites and is directly affecting the sales of the various business organizations. One of the main reasons that is contributing in the above problem is the complex checkout process that is diverting customers from your e- commerce site. If we can solve this grave issue, our sales are definitely going to surge again. Here are the certain tips that can be followed for making the checkout process a hassle- free experience for customers.

  • Don’t push for unnecessary details- Most often, customers on an e- commerce site are asked for irrelevant personal details like fax number and other such contact details. This not only increases frustration among customers but also lowers their interest into your e- commerce site. The checkout process should be precise and simple so that the user can easily make their purchase without meddling their head much into the whole checkout process. The success of the simple checkout process in improving the conversion rates has been well supported by the numerous A/B testing results on the checkout page.
  • Avoid using captcha images- Entering captcha codes during the checkout process spoils the precious time of the customers and causes them to bounce from the respective e- commerce websites. Although, you are concerned about preventing the fraudulent transactions but it can certainly turn your customers off if they are hindered by several factors while making an online purchase. Instead of these captcha images, implement other techniques and technologies to prevent fraudulent online transactions.
  • Provide multiple and available shipping methods- It is essential to provide multiple shipping options to customers so that they can choose the shipping methods based on their urgency and shipping cost. You can also perform A/B testing on the shipping methods that are most widely recognized and used by online shoppers. Based on those results, you can make changes in your shipping options to increase your conversion rates and sales.

These are some of the steps that can provide a simple checkout process to your customers for making online purchase. An easy and appealing checkout process will compel your customers to make the online purchase from your e- commerce store. For, further improvements and useful insights in the field of checkout optimization and improvement, do check this article- 3 wonderful tips for a winning checkout page.