Sep 7

How To Redesign Your Website For Boosting Your Customer Traffic On Your Site?

How To Redesign Your Website For Boosting Your Customer Traffic On Your Site | MockingfishIn the stiff competitive online world, an appealing and inspiring website has the potential to grab the instant focus of the customer towards your business organization. A website is the doorway to your business organization and thus it needs to be compelling and appealing so as to keep customers hooked to your business organization. If you can’t grab the imagination and attention of your targeted customers with your website, you are actually losing the chances of boosting your business growth. If you don’t have an appealing website, here are the certain tips that can help your business organization in redesigning your website for making a greater impact among your audience.

Have a clear understanding and knowledge about your business- Before targeting your customers, you need to be thoroughly aware about what your business organization stands for and if you are actually able to deliver your message through your existing website or not. Your website content and its products need to be vocal about the message that you are trying to convey among your targeted customers. Moreover, to achieve complete attention and focus of your customers, you need to analyze their behavior and activity through the use of various web analytics tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Click Tale and such others.

Make effective usage of white spaces in your website- Your website should appear as properly organized with effective white spaces and navigation features so as to increase customers readability and website appeal. Effective white spaces also tend to look website more appealing and avoids cluttering of the content and other elements on your site.

Try to pass the website control into the hands of your users- The sole intention of your website is to hand over the control into the hands of your users. You are creating website so that your targeted customers can easily interact with your business organization. Navigation features of your website should be smooth and there should not be delay in the performance of your website while performing crucial tasks like online transactions, sign up registration and other such activities. Further, with the help of various heat map tools, you can easily analyze the active areas as well as the sore points in your website design that are causing for a decrease in your customer traffic on your site.

Use an appealing, informative and keyword specific content- You can’t pull your customers towards your site with an effective website design only. To make the maximum impact, you also need to have the support of a brilliant content that is both informative, unique and appealing to your readers. Make an effective connect with your targeted customers through a winning content so as to increase conversion rates and sales revenue for your website.

Showcase your brand appeal with effective usage of features- In the race of spreading your message and showcasing your brand image, you need to use features like sliders, animation effects, plugins, rich graphics with utmost care and attention as they can affect the loading time and performance of your website. You can also take the help of attention heat map tools that can convey you the interest areas and preferences of your site visitors on your e- commerce site. By analyzing their mouse movement, click activity and other such features, you can easily make necessary changes in your website design so as to keep your customers engaged to your business organization.

So, include all these elements in your website redesigning process so as to create a website that can easily make your visitors turn their attention and focus towards your business organization. Take necessary steps in this direction at the earnest so as to stop further revenue losses due to non engagement of the customers towards your e- commerce store.