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How to retain visitors on your eCommerce store for maximum conversions?

How to retain visitors on your eCommerce store for maximum conversions? | MockingFish

What oxygen is to humans, are the visitors to a website? Yes, it would not be any hyperbole if we say that visitors are an inseparable part of any business activity. The failure to grab traffic for your website can lead to a significant impact on conversion rates, product sales and online visibility. You need to understand the fact that without acquiring the required traffic on your site, it is difficult to maintain the sales momentum among your business rivals.

Not just the acquiring the new customers for your site, the retention of even the older ones is also a critical task that needs the immediate intervention of a conversion rate optimization expert. In this blog, we are putting forward the certain points that can help in retaining the older customers on your eCommerce site. Take a quick look below.

Include appealing text and video combination-

Include appealing text and video combination | MockingFIsh


The importance of a short engaging video can’t be neglected in the testing times of eCommerce business segment as people are provided with multiple online shopping options. To grab your share of conversions and sales in this fierce competition, it is time to include rich content along with the text. Site owners can include the engaging product videos and images in combination with the product description to portray a strong point about their advertised product. If you don’t find a way to include quick short videos on your eCommerce site, you can try out any product video extension based on PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart platforms.

Don’t forget the landing page optimization-

Don’t forget the landing page optimization | MockingFish

A landing page is the first page of a website where a visitor lands for the first time by clicking any link, popup ads, social media ads, search engine results and other such mechanisms. You need to analyze the potential of your landing page by taking helpful insights from any A/B testing tool and heatmap tool such as MockingFish. This heatmap tool has various features like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, mouse movement heatmap, insight heat map and others that can help in the proper redesigning of your website.

The study of particularly click heatmap tool can be of great help as it provides a detailed information about the mouse click movement of the site visitors. It can inform you about the weak and strong engagement areas of your website that can help in optimizing the site performance.

Share the brand story with your customers-

Share the brand story with your customers | MockingFIsh


There are numerous players in a particular business segment and this makes it a difficult task to grab product sales for your eCommerce store. The only thing that can work in the favor of your business entity is to first acquire the trust and loyalty of your targeted customers. The huge frenzy around the brands like Apple, Rolls Royce, BMW, Ferrari and others can explain you the importance of brand power in a business environment.

Once, people are aware of who they are dealing with, it will automatically boost their purchasing decision while making an online purchase through your eCommerce store. Keep your customers updated about your recent business events, upcoming product arrivals, beginning of various shopping offers/deals and other such activities that can together increase the value of your brand story.

Keep your store inventory regularly updated-

Keeping a track of store inventory is the most boring and difficult task for any eCommerce store but it is inevitable in nature. You need to be aware of the current status of your store inventory for ensuring timely product delivery. It is certainly a very frustrating experience for online shoppers when they are informed about “out of stock” products at the last stage of product purchase. This will only lead to customer dissatisfaction which will, in turn, affect the conversion rates and product sales of your online store.

Site owners can take the help of click heatmap tool for getting a clear idea about the most popular and ignored products on their store based on the user click activity. This useful inventory related information will ensure that the ordered products by the customer will reach them as per the scheduled delivery time.

Design your website for multiple devices and platforms-

Keep your store inventory regularly updated | MockingFish

You are not going to get visitors to your site from a single source. With the abundance of the wide range of devices and platforms, it is mandatory to improve the website design for maximum customer engagement. Implement the A/B testing tool for optimizing the visual design and performance of your website. You can apply testing on the various site elements such as web forms, CTA buttons, banner ads, product images and others for increasing the site conversions. Make changes in your website design that can increase its visibility and usability across multiple platforms or devices.

Final suggestions

Customer retention may appear to be a difficult task at first instance but it can be still achieved by employing the right business strategies. By following the above tips in combination with the A/B testing and click heatmap tool, site owners can easily keep visitors engrossed on their website. So, stop worrying about the visitor count on your site and retain your existing customers without any hurdles.



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