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How to sell products through an engaging blog post?

How to sell products through an engaging blog post | MockingFish

Leaving aside non-profit business ventures, every other business activity is centered around selling products, software, newspapers/magazines, apps or other such items. With almost everyone involved in product selling among their customers, it is important to keep them engaged. Businesses are employing various strategies to post higher sales on their online store for a quick business turnaround.

Content marketing is an important marketing medium that has grabbed the fancy and imagination of customers in the recent times. Website owners are giving maximum emphasis on the content to boost their product sales and conversions. Blogs are one of the ingredients of content marketing that have the ability to improve conversions. Those who want to utilize the power of blogging to sell products online need to check out this informative blog. With this post, you will be better prepared to improve your sales and conversion rate optimization practices.

Include a personal touch in your content- Writing content for a topic or site is not some “rocket science” at all. However, the real test lies in creating a niche audience for your content to help your business achieve the desired targets. You need to add a personal touch in your written content in order to keep customers hooked to your blog post. Read and understand how authors like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Ian Fleming, Paulo Coelho, JK Rowling, and numerous others made a command on their specific genre. By making loyal customers for your content, you can guide them to make a product purchase through your eCommerce store.

Resolve your customer issues through your write-ups- It would certainly be a fantastic idea to grab hordes of customers for your online store by providing them an effective resolution of their problem. If you can offer helpful tips to your customers about a problem, they will definitely pay attention to your sales pitch. There are numerous people who check out a blog post looking out for the solutions of their problems, so don’t disappoint them. For instance, check out this blog post of, an undergarments site that offers customer tips about how to make the right selection for an underwear.

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In this way, by providing guidance to its targeted customers, the site can smartly promote their underwear types recommending people what might be comfortable for them. It is a brilliant marketing strategy that can surely provide you an initial business lead over your rivals.

Don’t forget visual elements in your blog post- Simple textual information is not exciting for people at all and does not encourage them to read further. To maintain the interest of customers towards your content, it would be better if you can add the relevant images and videos in your content. An engaging image and video help in conveying your point in a better way. Furthermore, a 2-3 minute video is more capable of grabbing higher customer response than a simple textual content for achieving higher product sales. To grab the maximum impact with your content, it would be a smart decision to take the help of an effective A/B testing tool to understand how an optimized image and video can help in achieving higher conversion rates. Check out this A/B testing example that can guide you about which content has a better performance regarding conversions.

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Find out ways to interact with your customers- An effective two-way communication does not just mean expressing your opinions, it also means listening other people around. If you are keen to improve the audience for your content, it is mandatory to include mechanisms in your blog post to accept customer views, comments, and questions. Offer your targeted customers a way to stay connected with you in order to facilitate a better customer engagement. The blog post of site Cover Male mentioned below not only provides information about a topic but also offers a medium for customer engagement. The readers can smoothly share their comments or views about the blog post by clicking on the “Leave a comment” option mentioned on the top of the blog post.

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Don’t ignore the context and semantic of your content- While writing a content, it is important to pay enough attention towards the grammar, spelling mistakes, and semantic context. No reader would love to read a content which is short on basic grammar rules and writing guidelines, you need to be extra cautious about it. In order to be double sure about the effectiveness of your content, you need to try out the editing tools such as Grammarly that can help in resolving all the above flaws.


Remember people are having a busy lifestyle and nobody would care to read a content that is not engaging for them. It is important to grab their instant attention towards your written content by following the above writing tips. Once, you have built up a loyal army of readers for your content, it would not be much difficult to persuade these
people for a product purchase and optimize the conversion rate optimization efforts. Keep in mind the golden rule of “Write not just to impress but also to post sales”.


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