Oct 24

How to Use A/B Test to Enhance the Quality of your Blog?

A/B Test

The dependence of split testing in getting the information about the suitability of any web blog or content is quite popular. Also, known as A/B testing, is a method of comparing two contents by presenting them in front of the same audience at different times. The test provides effective results to the website admin in order to use a particular web content. Utilizing the result wisely can effortlessly help you in enhancing the readability of your blogs. The blog or post which is able to engage more customers and produce better rate of conversions is used. It is one of the most widely used concept by the website owners.

The effectiveness of successful A/B testing helps the website owners to get better insight of the customer’s choice. One of the important aspect to get better response from the visitors would be by providing them with choice. Most of the customer would prefer to make better choice when they are given option rather than when they are forced to select. Thus, A/B testing would suit best to serve this purpose. Moreover, the content on the website are meant to fetch the visitors with better knowledge of the products. Using the A/B testing of the website helps admin in making sure that the content are meeting the visitor’s expectation and are used as they like.

A/B testing has a complete set of advantage over other methods. If speaking frankly, then the results obtained from this method are quite reliable. The website admin gets a clear and better insight of the weak areas of the website, where the performance of the website may be lagging. The website can be optimized properly and efficiently by obtaining results from A/B testing. Thus, one of the way to reach out to customers and make better conversions.

The utility of the A/B testing is quite large. Let us discuss some of the ways in which you A/B test your blog content.

1. Length of the blog content

Blog Words Length Graph

One of the important aspect of an ideal blog would be the length. According to a survey, “An ideal blog should consist of 1500 words or a 7 min read time”. However, the timing and the length of the blog ma very from blog to blog. In this case, the A/B testing comes into play. The website can use two post of different length and test their feasibility among the visitors. Most of the time, the timings may vary depending upon the website services. Some of the blogs may need to be descriptive while some may be written in a summarized way. Thus A/B testing helps in letting know the perfect approach. An ideal blog will help the website to gain a positive response from the visitors.

2. Positioning

Position | Content Position

One of the important factor in determining the usability of the web blog would be the position. The user will give a better look at the web blog if it is positioned well in the website else the web blog will go unnoticed. Hence, it becomes important for the website to decide better position for the blog. In this case, A/B testing can be found useful as the website can offer different positions to place the blog and check the customer’s response about each of the position. The better response received by any position will result in selection of that position. The immediate advantage of using A/B testing for positioning approach is that, the results are obtained after testing the position in front of the audience. Hence, the chances of visitors exploring the blog and giving a look to the content are quite high. This helps the website to spread better insight about the different services offered by them.

3. Suggested posts


The website admin will always like to promote some of his other products or service while updating the customers about any product. It is one of the better approach as the visitors are already in a flow and are engaged by the content, so the task of re directing the visitor from one post to other is quite easy. The A/B testing proves important aspect her. The website can use the placing and frequency of the suggested post in the primary post and record customers response. The better response will definitely attract more visitors to like the blog presentation and more visitors can be re directed to another link from the web blog.

4. Descriptive Images

Images with description

The use of images is one of the primary focus of the website. Images break the overall content of the blog into small pieces and helps the website to look more appealing. The addition of the images adds to the creative part of the website. However, the usage of images may be quite helpful but it is not the case every time. If the description of the image is wrong then it may confuse the user. The A/B testing can be used to compare the images that are used by the admin over the online found images or diagram vs picture. Hence, the website can use the better alternative for the description of the blog.

5. Call to action


The content must cover enough to make it clear for the visitors about your next step. If the web blog is not clear enough then the total potential of the web blog is not utilized. The website may ask the visitors to like, comment, share, read, subscribe or inquire about any product. The A/B testing will help the website admin to learn the best way in which the visitors can be engaged with CTA’s. It will help in finding the best approach for the website.

Over to You

The utility of the A/B testing is quite helpful. Provided with better inputs and a decent audience, the method is likely to attain positive results for the website. The results obtained from the A/B testing can be further implied to the website in order to get better results. Though there are other methods available but the A/B testing proves its efficiency in better ways.


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