Sep 6

How to Use Scroll Heatmap for Conversions?

When the competition in the eCommerce world is heating up, it is important to have something that can provide you the required lead among your targeted customers. You can’t provide the same level of services and expect a windfall change in your business fortunes. It is important to take the help of web analytics and site monitoring tools that can provide you clear insight about the performance of your website. These tools will guide you in improving the usability and conversion potential of your website among your business rivals.

There are a wide range of heatmap tools available in the market like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, attention heatmap, mouse movement heatmap and others that have their own business applications. MockingFish is one such heatmap tool that offers scroll heatmaps for various websites for better site performance. Here are the various ways that can explain how scroll heatmap can improve site conversions.

It helps in analyzing the scrolling pattern of a visitor- Visitors scroll a site in order to find the required information and thus it is important to understand how far they actually scroll on a site. In order to get a clear picture about the scrolling activity of your site visitors, you need to take the help of MockingFish scroll heatmap that can provide statistical information through a detailed heatmap report.

The heatmap helps in making the better use of below the fold content- Most of the time, the content or site elements that are present below the fold are usually left unnoticed by the site visitors. To improve the usability of your website, it is important to take the help of a productive scroll heatmap like MockingFish for better customer engagement and conversions. With the help of this heatmap tool, it will be much easier to enhance the usability of site elements below the fold.

It helps in checking the proper placement of site elements- Site owners can track the scrolling behavior of visitors through scroll heatmap to understand if the elements on their site are properly arranged or not. There are various site elements like images, links, web forms, subscription requests and other components that may not be ideally placed on a website for achieving required conversions and sales.

The heatmap helps in improving your customer engagement and sales- A website can aim for higher conversions and sales only if visitors are spending adequate time on their website. MockingFish scroll heatmap can improve the customer engagement on a site by facilitating significant changes in a website design. With increased interest of customers on a site, it would be much easier to grab required conversions and product sales.

Scrolling activity of visitors need to be analyzed for ensuring better conversions and sales as it is important that your website is properly scrolled in order to provide required information which is hidden inside the scroll bars. Take the free demo of this scroll heatmap by visiting our website at and witness the change in your business fortunes.