Mar 3

Ideas To Improve Conversion Rate With Sign-Up Forms

Every online visitor is a potential opt-in subscriber, and every signup form delivers an opportunity to attract a potential customer. The copy you use in your sign-up form has a direct influence on your sign-up rate. The only aim of designing a sign-up form is to collect information from visitors and convert them into potential customers. Every online marketer want to gather as much information as possible by filling out sign-up forms. Visitors, on the other side want to spend as less time as possible to fill these forms.

In this post, I have mentioned some practical tips on how to optimize your sign-up form for maximum conversions. To support these tips, I have mentioned some real time examples. Hope, it will help you know more!

1. Lesser Fields=More Conversions- By providing lesser number of entry fields in your form, you will be able to provide users with a seamless experience on your website.

In a test, 5-field form outperformed the 9-field one with about 30% increase in conversion rate.

What is the first thing that’s going to come to your mind after seeing the sign up form given below-

Improve Conversion Rate With Sign-Up Forms

You will just feel irritated. Right?
What if, this one is going to be a lead generation form for a web designing company? Do you think visitors are going to convert? If you ask me, I will simply say “NEVER”.

These guys could have designed a much better form by simply asking name, email, phone and by providing web URL. Just like the one given on the right side.


I guess this one would have helped them to achieve their goal.

Therefore, the only secret to maximize conversions is by including lesser form fields.

2. Make it Pop a bit more

maximize conversions is by including lesser form fields

The original version has many things to do, as : an opt-in incentive, image defining what the incentive is actually about and the copy that clearly states what the visitor can expect when they subscribe.

Still, don’t you think there is a scope of improvement? The answer is Yes-

First is, overall appearance of the form- The original is not differentiated and is easily overlooked by the visitor. Next, the input form being blank and button being small and grey does not even gives you an idea that there’s an opt-in form here.

My suggested treatment adds a color highlight to the opt-in box along with a readable text and an opt-in button that is recognizable.

3. Consider placing above the fold

Visitors tend to pay a lot attention to content placed above the fold. If someone has to scroll down to fill out the subscription form, then you might be missing out on a sale.

Checkout this example of a great above-the-fold sign up form-

Reasons why this sign up form increased conversion and sales rate-

1. Above the fold and therefore easy to locate

2. Call To Action Button “ Sign Up for cost-free Consultation” is bold and striking

3. Header text of the form clearly describes the purpose for which visitor is going to sign up.

4. Choose an action-oriented Sign up button-

Try to choose a very straightforward and specific phrase in your Sign up button. A phrase that denotes quick action or immediately calls user to take a specific action. By designing a button that indicates a particular action, you are reducing confusions. People don’t have time to guess, they want to know quickly what exactly they are signing up for.


All that comes to an end says that if you want to make data driven decisions, you will have to keep on testing continuously. By implementing the above listed changes on your site, you will be able to create versions that perform 100 times better.