Apr 8

Ideas To Increase Conversion Rate

Try 4 Simple Ideas To Increase Conversion Rate in 2015

With new technological advancements arising persistently, the beginning of a new year always comes up with an opportunity for goal setting and planning. Increasing conversion rates is what an online business entrepreneur needs to maximize the sphere of his business.

There are number of things you can do to increase conversions, but in our experience the 4 most powerful techniques that are going to help you this year are-

1. Using Visitor Engagement Insights-

Understanding how visitor navigates through a website can only be achieved if you track-

1.1 Visitor Flow- Visitor Flow gives you a better insight of what entry pages people start from including the first, second and third page they visit. Utilizing this data, you can analyze what pages may cause most of the hangups as people move through it.

The visitors flow view is helpful to understand the way someone’s using your website. It basically aims to increase click through rates (CTR) and reduce bounce rates. One such tool that analyzes visitor flow will make your life a lot easier is the visitor flow graph through Google Analytics. This tools allows you to-

Track and record visitors interaction within your site

Analyze how many visitors are coming in through different sources

Determine web areas that need to be improved upon.

1.2 Heatmaps and Mouse Movement-

Visitors think by scrolling their mouse as they simply move their mouse wherever their eyes are looking, just like as reading with your fingers. Mouse movements go hand in hand with the attention of visitors. This data lets you actually know how visitors are interacting with your site. Using a tool like MockingFish, you will be able to track every minute detail of what and where visitor has browsed through the entire website.

Although there are other tools available, like- Mouseflow, Lucky Orange and Crazy Egg but your first and foremost experience with MockingFish will definitely go speechless. This tool is more of a visual tracking tool, so if you had a mock up with the design, just send it to us for testing it..

Benefits of Using MockingFish- Try this tool for visitor recording, maximizing your conversion rate, finding your visitors real time behavior and discovering how visitors use your website.

2. Segmenting Visitors Equally-

User segmentation gives you a better insight by analyzing what visitors are clicking on. Besides, you can measure which chain of audience is engaging with your landing page experience, which of them are converting and what traffic sources are delivering the most conversion.

With a multiple number of analytics tool available, there is no reason not to segment. For Example- Google Analytics lets you create specific segments of your visitors based on their action and behavior. You can then tailor your content, promotions, and other elements based on insights. Segmentation and Targeting are the initial steps to personalization. So, start segmenting your visitors based on their demographic profiles, online behavior and unique characteristics of your business to design more compelling messages, targeted offers and useful content for different aspects of your marketing campaign.

3. Analyze Bounce Rate-

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your webpage from the entry point without moving on to the next page. High bounce rates indicate that the content presented was not relevant to convert visitors or generate leads.

To know more on how bounce rates affects online conversions click here.

By analyzing reports on bounce rates, you will be able to determine whether your website meets your visitor expectations or not? If the bounce rate value is high on your website, it means visitors coming to your site leave just because they do not find something that matters them.

4. Create an optimized lead generation landing page-

Lead generation is one of the most important marketing goals, when it comes to maintain consistency in an online business. The only way to accomplish this goal is by designing a landing page that converts. Landing page, being an important part to bring success to your online business needs to be stuffed with a unique content, creative design, opti-in forms, to give it a lively look.

In order to increase lead conversions with landing pages, you need to have-

Readable Text and Content

Sign-up Forms

Trust Elements

Call To Action Buttons

Maximum conversions by following these smart strategies to makeover your entire business plan.