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Increase your Email Subscribers with these 5 tips

When it comes to conversions, email marketing is considered to be the king in the eCommerce industry. No matter how many subscribers you have on your email list, you would always want to add more email addresses on your list. Regardless of the size of your website and what it deals in, one of your essential goals is to build your email list that would boost the chances of customer retention on your online store.

According to the assembling of stats done on the Leighton Interactive, if you invest $1 in email marketing, you will receive an average of $38 in returns. There’s a lot more than just returns that the study talks about and you can have a look at the study here. Some of the other insights include:

Email is the 3rd most influential medium of information for B2B audiences.

There were 3.7 billion email users across the world and it is predicted that the number will grow to 4.1 billion.; and more

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You can increase your subscriber’s list by making a few tweaks in your email campaign. For example, you can make some alterations in your subject line and you’d see the difference right there. Likewise, there are numerous other tips that would help you get more subscribers to your website.

This blog details you about the tips that will help every email marketer increase the number of subscribers on the website.

1.Know your customers because they make potential subscribers

Neil Patel has quite clearly mentioned techniques to understand your customers in one of his blogs which talk about the qualitative and quantitative data to make sure that you know your customers well enough. With the help of the existing customers and also the browsing behavior of your visitors, you can help you increase your subscriber’s list very well. Let us take an example of an online store dealing with fashionable clothing for women of all age groups. The store would have all kinds of the customer with different personalities and age groups. The working woman customer’s choices would be different than those of the home-makers. All you got to do is – know your customers well and market them well accordingly.

Customer Behaiour

2. Be clear about the web forms with your customers

Do you incorporate web forms on your website to acquire some or the other kind of data? Well, if you do, you’re in good luck. The web forms must be simple and should not confuse the customers. The form fields should be clear and text on them should their explain the significance. The checkbox for email subscription comes at the bottom of the form. So, you need to keep it simplified enough to keep the visitors going. Make sure that they are not leaving the webform unfilled due to the complexity of the filling the form. The confusing Google ReCaptcha is another reason for the lost leads. For example, the one mentioned below.


Another aspect that can confuse the customers would be the newly introduced GDPR laws. As per the GDPR regulation, the customers should be asked whether they want to get subscribed for the email or not. You can find all you need to know about GDPR here before you get your website compliant with the rules.

3.Include Opt-In in the articles

If you know that the articles on your website are being loved by the readers, then, you might as well include the opt-In at the end of the articles? How would you do that?

You can add a Call to Action button at the end of the articles to ask them to subscribe for more such writeups and information.

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4. Turn popular posts into Lead Magnets

Attract visitor

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You may call the lead magnets with the lot of other names like giveaways, ethical bribes, sign up or Opt-In incentives, freemiums and so many more. When the spectrum of your store visitors is varied, you’ll have different lead magnets for them all. Create lead magnets for the different customer personalities coming to your store. There are many ways to increase your email subscription. They include:

Subscription discounts: an old-school way of luring the visitors to sign up for the emails by providing them the discounts that can help them convert.
Giveaways: Giveaways or freebies are the gifts that you give to your visitors just by asking for their email address. The giveaways can be anything from a product to a discount or more.
Gamified technique: Spin and win module by Knowband can be an excellent example of the gamified technique. It allows the visitors to participate in a game like spin the wheel and earn discounts or goodies from the store by just adding their email address to it.

Spin and Win

5.Create mobile-optimized email campaigns

According to the study done by Return Path in 2017, 55% of people prefer to read their emails on their mobile phones. The stats have increased almost by 26% since 2012. This study is something that should get you on your feet to start optimizing email campaigns. There are a few things that you should keep in check when you optimize your emails for the smartphones. They are:

The size of the image file: Do you include images in your emails? If not, you should know that about 94% of people give importance to emails with images in it according to this study. However, if you have not optimized the size of the image accordingly, you’d be slowing down the load speed of the image itself and the website. And, this is no secret that you lose about 7% of conversions if there’s even a delay of about 1 second in the loading speed.

Page Load Time

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Re-size the image to fit in the screen of the phone: You must have heard that images are worth a thousand words. How fruitful they’d be if your customers are not able to view the whole of it in one go? Or, has to pinch to re-size it to view? The image below is a suitable example of image optimization for a smartphone.


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Get your hands on a responsive email template: It is not necessary for you to create a responsive email template.

Create a short subject line: The character limit of the subject line that properly displays on the smartphones is from 30-35 characters. Make sure you create a subject line that fits in and can be easily read by the customers.

When you are optimizing your emails for the smartphones, you can run an A/B test to get a better insight into which elements are working as you’d think and which ones don’t.

Motivate customers to forward the newsletter

Spreading the word by common people helps more than you think. Why do you think that eCommerce businesses provide a share button on their website and in return give you discount coupons? Well, this isn’t the same, but the motive behind doing it is the same – gaining more popularity and in this case – gaining more subscribers. Motivating the customers to spread the newsletter to their friend’s list will benefit you in terms of reaching more subscribers. When you want your subscribers to spread the message, make sure you give them the right way to do it. Let them compose a message for their friends and send them online. In fact, you can track the number of subscribers actually sent the message.


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How to motivate them to forward the newsletter?

By reminding them: People are busy and often forget things. You can remind them time and again to spread the word around with their friends. Remember not to irritate them with the reminders. The idea is to notify them for motivation and not to shoo them away.

Providing reinforcements: In the world of eCommerce, customers consistently look for reinforcements that drive them all the way to purchasing the products. Give them handsome discounts as a part of showing gratitude towards their actions.

Give the users the choice of when and how many emails they would want to receive

If you are being more unsubscribed than subscribed, one of the biggest chances of that happening might be because of the number of emails you send. Another would be that the emails don’t have that useful factor which drives them to conversion. Thanks to the feature in Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail where the subscribers can unsubscribe as well as divert the emails to the spam box. Hence, it is very important for your emails to be on your user’s Priority Inbox.

Well, now when you really want to make it to the favorite’s list of your users, you would want to put forward a few questions to prevent spamming or unsubscribing. You might ask – “How many emails would you want us to send per week?”, “When would you like the emails to be sent? (the time)” and more such. When you give the control in their hands, you are giving the users the priority and gaining their trust. Moreover, you would want to send valuable information in the emails.

So there you have it. You can easily increase the number of subscribers to your website.


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