Jan 18

Is eCommerce Conversion your Problem?

eCommerce Conversion

Let’s be honest. Making good moolah by having an eCommerce business isn’t a cake walk.

In order to achieve what you’ve thought about your online store, you have to implement all the tricks and tactics that would take your business to new heights.

But, that isn’t easy either.

There are times when you sit down and think that you’ve been working extremely hard in putting up the best but the results are not anything like. When you are doing your best but the conversions aren’t happening, you should stop and take a look at the probable reasons that can be hampering the business.

Moreover, if your eCommerce business isn’t selling out the products, there’s a greater problem. There’s no profit and also you are losing your money by giving out the salaries, product costs, and everything else that you’re accountable for.

But it is not the time for you to lose your spirit. Buckle up because we’ve mentioned below the key low conversion problems and their solutions to help your business shine among others.

The first impression is the last one – don’t make it look bad

The very first reason why visitors take off even before exploring the website is that they don’t like what they see on the pages and are unable to get the information they’re looking for.

When you have a desired amount of traffic on your website but the bounce rate is high, there are chances that you should troubleshoot your site design. Your first aim should be that when the user lands on your website, he/she finds it appealing and worth exploring. Moreover, while exploring, make sure they get the information that they’re looking.

The key features to keep mind here are:

  • Smooth navigation
  • Easy filters that sort out the content
  • Functional search box/bar

Low-quality images are big drawback

Why do shoppers come to your website? To buy off course. In order to hit that buy button, what be possible reasons that compel them? The product descriptions and the images, right? When your product images aren’t clear and visible to the shopper, would they be sure to buy them? The majority of the conversions fall because the product images are not able to pass on the look and feel to the buyer. As a result, they are uncertain of how the product would be and would quit finding the same in other stores with clearer images.

Think about this way – when you are shopping online, you are not able to touch or feel the product. Hence, it is the responsibility of the store to make them feel the product. How is that possible? With the help of accurate product description and high-quality images.

The hidden charges

No Hidden

Congratulations, that your visitor has finally added the product to the cart and successfully sign up your newsletter too. However, it is a heartbreak to see them leave the site from the checkout page. What was the reason that they left? Your hidden charges that are made visible in the last step. Whether it is the shipping charges or any other miscellaneous taxes that are added in the last step, it serves as a shock to the visitor. Hence, he/she quits.

Any website providing Free Shipping would be taken into account in comparison to yours, who charges a hefty amount in the name of shipping.

You should have shipping charges, but you can consider keeping them on the list from the beginning. Moreover, you can keep a bracket of shipping charges for the shopping price range. For example, on shopping of $20-$40 (the shipping charges can be $5), $41-$60 ($10) and more.

Your site is slow

Slow Site

In the fast processing life, if your website is not able to provide fast services to the users, you will increase bounce rate leading to poor conversions. According to this study by Unbounce, 18% of the total abandoned carts leave because of the slow loading of the website. There are various reasons for your website being so slow:

  • Too many WordPress plugins
  • The images are too big to load
  • Deactivated caching

Make use of the conversion rate optimization techniques when you find all these problems. When you rectify these problems, you will certainly see the difference coming in with happy customers, higher conversion rates and increase in the revenue.


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