Jun 15

Keep an eye on these E- commerce elements of your website for improved conversions

E- Commerce is a promising business area but it is also very challenging simultaneously. The mountain size expectations and changing consumer behavior has affected the sales revenue of numerous business organizations. But, by monitoring your site customers and your website elements, you can easily keep a tab on the changing moods and preferences of your customers. Further, to accomplish the above task, you need the expertise and assistance of a web analytics tool. These tools with their detailed heat map results will provide you information about the behavior of your onsite visitors. You can also analyze following elements of your e- commerce site with these web analytics tools.

  • Site based search results- It is important to improve the performance of your site search results to increase your website usability and customer traffic. You need to track the search results so as to determine which are the most searched keywords or phrases by your customers while looking for a product on your e- commerce site. Gather a detailed report of your search results with the help of heat map based tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Click Tale and such others. It will help you to include those keywords in your content marketing so as to increase the importance and search engine ranking of your website.
  • Empty search engine results- There are situations when your search queries don’t yield any results. This is either because your store does not have that searched product or your search results are not properly organized due to missing pages. Eliminate this problem by removing 404 error pages from your site and handling them carefully with an appropriate event. These elements not only affects your website usability and performance but also increases the bounce rate on your website.
  • Payment selection options- Make sure that your customers are not abandoning your store due to the availability of limited Payment options. You need to organize a detailed survey to determine which are the most popular payment options among your customers. Track your customers payment activity with any heat map tool and utilize its results for your site optimization and simplification of checkout process.
  • Social media behavior- In order to keep updated about your customer’s choices and preferences, you need to track the social media behavior of your customers. This will help you in understanding what are the most popular and demanding products, which products are generating maximum response and interests from customers and such other information. With this data, you can ramp up the availability of popular products in your stock or can also focus on the products that are not getting much attention from your online customers.

By thoroughly analyzing all these elements, you can easily improve the shopping experience of your customers. Further, it will also help you in increasing the website usability and the effective maintenance of your e- commerce store. So, adopt these practices and you can easily expect the windfall changes in your sales revenue in a short span of time.